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Name: Frannie, arg! it's her!, the dumb one, hey you
Age: 19 but I act about 3
Sex: Not with you! Oh, female.
Height: 5'2" Fear the invasion of the short people!
Lives in: My own twisted imagination, Colchester, England.
Studying: BA Hons Music
Failing: BA Hons Music
Fav. drink: Strawberryade! I'm drinking it right now ^_^
Contact Info:
MSN Messenger:
- make sure you put the bit otherwise you'll get my old dead account which is very dead

Yahoo Messenger
-I'm not too imaginative it seems.

Reading fantasy novels. Tolkien, David Eddings, Terry Brooks and Robin Hobb are at the top of my list. Hang on, that is my list. Darn these long series authors and their ability to squash all vaiety in their path!

Music. Well obviously, I'm a music student. But seriously? I listen to rock, punk, goth and Japanese rock/pop. In fact I listen to pretty much everything else too in small doses. Get me and my eclectic tastes.

Writing Harry Potter Fanfic. I do that way too much. And yet it isn't really all that good. Check out my fanfic at

Reading Harry Potter fanfic. I do that even more than I write it.

Console gaming. It's an obsession. I have12 different Sonic games, how sad am I.

Manga/Anime. It's got really cliche now. I miss the good old days when only losers liked this stuff.

Art stuff. I haven't done an awful lot yet (although what I have done is fairly awful...) because uni takes up too much of my time. See what I have done so far at

Good Points:
My ego. It's the biggest thing I have (that I can mention while keeping this profile a nice safe G)

My solitaire score. 730 on normal scoring mode,10858 on timed normal at 68 seconds.

I guess I'm fairly talented musically. Or at least I'm good at making people think I am. People who have heard me o.O

Bad Points:
My ego. It's the biggest thing I have (that I can mention while keeping this profile a nice safe G) hehe ^_^

I spent enough time playing solitaire that I was able to score that high.

Dyslexia. It's a real drag.

The fact that I just subtly (sp?) used my dyslexia as an excuse for my crappy writing.

The fact that it really wasn't all that subtle.

My really tacky jokes (see this profile or anything I've written.)

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Diaries of an Eating Disorder by Flotom reviews
How a bulimic girl fights to be thin. Please R&R.
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The Darkling Thrush reviews
A parody of the Thomas Hardy poem by the same name.
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Immortal Mortified reviews
Religous type ramblings. I'm not entirely sure what it's about myself
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