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Well, well, well, here I am at last! ^_^

I'm Estel, I'm 15, from South East England (go Kent!), I go to a Grammar School and I'm a Capricorn, as well as a huge fan of Tolkien and Rowling. And this would be my fictionpress bio - just incase you hadn't noticed. ^_^

I've wanted to be a writer since - well, actually, I don't remember since when. I've just always loved writing. What I do remember was an incident in Year 2, so I would have been six, or something close. We had just done a creative writing lesson, and for homework, we had to finish off our story - and by the way, we all had to write Jack and the Bean Stalk.

So picture it; a warm afternoon in mid May, the sun is streaming through the windows, dappled by the trees outside, and thirty odd kids are settled on the floor; a rough, itchy carpet that left marks in your knees. The teacher, Mrs. Nickle, an ancient old crone with as much life as a new colt is sitting on her swivelly, comfy chair dressed, as always, in her knitted cardigan, glasses perched half way down her crooked, aged nose. In her hand, she holds an A5 green work book, and reads from it to the class. All eight pages of it. Have you guessed who wrote it yet?

All through primary school, I had this problem with english exams. Oh I could do them easily enough, and that was fine; but there was never enough time. I could do the comprehension stuff, but how on earth could you ever be expected to write a story in 45 minutes? It never made any sense to me, and when you consider that at the age of 11 I was reading Stephen King, you'll know why. So my advise for anyone in a similar position; they ask you to to write a story. Don't. Write an event - one, simple event. Thats what I figured out, an it saved me time and marks.

Another time that I've had my work read out - and believe me, when you're not expecting it, its damned embarressing - was in R.E, of all classes. Now, no offence, but I'm just not the sort of person who enjoys R.E for the religious aspects of it. I enjoy the debates and the dossing, but thats it. So imagine my utter shock (and to a certain extent, horror!) when in Year 7, my R.E teacher, Mr. Wilkinson, starts to read out my version of Noah's Ark, which again, we all had to write. I don't think anyone on the planet has ever seen such a brilliant shade of magenta.

But hey, anough about me. As you can see, I do tend to ramble; though I try not to in my stories, which we'll get to in a minute. Firstly, you should know that, yes, I do write a lot of fanfiction, all Tolkien, save for one, which is Rowling. My account at is Just incase you were wondering.

Well, I reckon thats all you need to know. If you need or want anything, please feel free to e~mail me.

Loadsa love, Estel

ps, Dear Lord, I really bigged myself up there, didn't I? *slaps hand* Bad, bad Jo...

~*"A truth thats told with bad intent, Beats all the lies you can invent."*~ William Blake

~*"If one day I can smile again, If one day I can breathe, If one day I can see the sun, I'll know you're watching over me."*~ Moi...

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