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I don't bite... often, though I've been informed my mind isn't a safe place to visit. I'm a 'struggling writer' by trade, and I know a lot of 'proper' *snort* writers view fanfic as a poor relation to original fiction, but I don't. After all, it's only fanfic until you get paid for it! Some of the most famous names in the business have made money using other people's concepts/characters/worlds - Poppy Z Brite wrote an installment of 'The Crow' novel series, not to mention all the many 'Star Wars' incarnations. (Tip: Don't bother with Terry Brookes novelisation of 'Phantom Menace', it's laughably poor for a writer of such previously good calibre). Anyway, enough from me. Please read & review my fanfic, or better yet, visit my home page & read my work!