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Birth date: 7/31/91

Hello there, it seems you’ve stumbled across my profile, and wow, I’ve finally done something with it. Okay, so here’s the scoop on me.

Ever since I was little, I loved reading, and that quickly progressed into a fascination with writing and structured literature. Like many others here, when I started out writing, I was a mess. However, I know that as long as you keep trying, good things will come. My stories are a part of me and I usually have many reoccurring themes in my writing that reflect things that have happened to me or my friends.

Writing is a beautiful, personal thing and I try my hardest to share my thoughts and feelings with the audience.

As you may have noticed, I write strictly interracial fictions portraying black women with white men. I really love this kind of genre (or whatever you want to call it) because there really aren’t that many good interracial stories/novels out there in the world and I think that’s a shame because love shouldn’t be fenced in.

I see so many white/white (Caucasian/Caucasian …whatever.) stories and then black/black stories but you never meet anywhere in the middle. Even when I do find interracial stories, they’re usually white female meets black male, which don’t appeal to me, probably because I’m a black female, (lol.)

Anyway, I like to show the women in my stories as those who overcome great difficulties with the love and support from a man they’d least expect it from. Sure, my women may come off as weak, but I think I portray their feelings and emotions as real and true.

So, I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing and keep pushing out more and more interracial fictions. I hope that later on, fiction press will have more than their selection now, and people will take more of an interest in them.

For people who like reading interracial stories, I would like to recommend a lovely book I found recently in books a million. The title is Enemy Fields by J. Marie Darden. I finished it in a day, it was that good. However, it is sad and I have to say the ending is a little disappointing, but everything that leads up to it is spectacular. There is a sequel, but I don’t think I’m interested in that.

If anyone else can recommend some good interracial fiction or novels out there, I’d love you forever!!

-- Shermaine

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