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Fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns
I say never be complete
I say stop being perfect
I say let... let's evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

--Tyler Durden


Name: Alex
Age: 21 (sulk)
Occupation: Art student
Location: England, aka Wet Sponge Island.
Interests: Reading writing fanfiction manga anime Fight Club Tyler Durden Lord of the Rings Legend of Zelda Phantom of the Opera art drawing cartoons comics gamecube stealing avatars sleeping late eating chocolate shounen-ai/slash/boy's love Pirates of the Carribean Captain Jack Sparrow Jean-Paul Sartre Vladimir Nabokov anarchy T.S. Eliot cats BLEACH Saiyuki Cowboy Bebop Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo Fruits Basket Angel Sanctuary horror fiction science fiction fantasy fiction Harry Potter Discworld His Dark Materials Naruto Stephen King...

30 Romances: Mephisto/Nemphis

30 fics based on themes from the 30 Romances Livejournal community. Anonymous commenting is enabled, please review there or on a new review for Sinful Love. Thanks.

View a list of the completed fics by theme; (only 3 so far) OR

Read one by one:

Theme #13: Heads or tails, you lose; Pairings: Mephisto/Nemphis, implied Samael/Sunday. Darkfic. Mephisto has lost Nemphis to the evil in his soul. Oneshot.
Theme #17: Carnival; Pairings: Mephisto/Nemphis + Samael, Sunday, Azirefel. PG-13. Mephisto and the others get spectacularly drunk while an unhappy Azirefel is left to pick up the pieces. (NEW)
Theme #20: Take it in your stride, walk; Companion piece to #13. Pairings: onesided Sunday/Mephisto, implied Mephisto/Nemphis, Samael/Sunday. Rated R, non-graphic sex, lime. Mephisto is lonely and seeks out comfort in the arms of his oldest friend.
Theme #22: Flame, shadow, footfall, ouch! Rated R for smex. M/N. Mephisto marks his property. Drabble.

If ya like fanfic, I have account on fanfiction.net under the same penname. I've written for the following fandoms: Fruits Basket, Cowboy Bebop, Phantom of the Opera, Catch-22, Bleach, Naruto, The Dark Knight. Looks like I've even bothered to provide you with the linkage to my fanficcy goodness.

I also have fanart + original art of manga/anime on FAC. Click here to make your eyeballs bleed. I also drew the groovy pic of FallenAngel!Soren on Alankria's page: read her scifi cos it kicks ass.

Attend! I AM NOT WRITING TO BETTER MYSELF AS A PERSON OR TO GET MYSELF PUBLISHED. I write because I am bored and lazy and writing yaoi is a pretty hot thing to do. If you don't like it, tuff. I also write to distract myself from such mundane things like eating, writing essays and being a Responsible Adult.

I also like manga and anime. Not that you care.


8/13/08 No I am working on a new chapter. Really, I am. It's just that it suddenly occured to me that I have too many loose-ends and no way to solve them >.>

10/6/07 Sinful Love Chapter 14: Crossing the Rubicon added. Any typo-looking errors are the fault of FP's pathetic document manager. Anything else is my fault. I'm sorry it's shit.

Did I mention I'm new at this writing business? Well, I am. You cannot achieve perfection so I see no point in trying. All of my fics (well, only 2) are written in that odd, rapid-fire style of those who just want to fire the narrration as they think of it onto the page with little thought for refinement. It's very crude, but the rawness works for me. :)


1. Sinful Love Slash. Rated R. Nemphis, a young angel, is sent to Earth to get him out of everyone's way. Mephisto, a young demon, is on Earth to claim a human soul for Hell in three days...or else it's over. They meet. Fall in love. And manage to spark a war in Heaven over it. Now Mephisto must rescue him from Heaven's good-intentioned clutches, so he assembles a ragtag team of angels and demons to help him. Of course, things never go exactly as planned...

Please review this humble little fic, it ain't that bad! Or else SAMAEL WILL GET YOU.

2.Dog Blood Blues. (This story has been deleted, on the grounds that it was shite).

3. Revelations. Coursework piece. Sort of horror, involving a man and the devil.

And now for some QUOTES! Some them have links to their source because they're so hilarious:

"So bored in Rivendell. Have decided to hold council meeting and name it after myself. Will invite all eligible males of Middle-Earth who have nothing better to do on a weekend to come. Go me!" - Elrond (Lord of the Rings: The Very Secret Diaries)

"Day 33: Orcs killed: Countless thousands. V. good. Boromir killed by Orcs. Bummer. Though he died bravely in my arms, am now quite sure that he was very definitely gay. Not so sure about Gimli either. RIP Boromir. Still not King, but at least Boromir seemed to think I was. Might however have been blood loss." - Aragorn (Lord of the Rings: The Very Secret Diaries)

"Day One:
Went to Council of Elrond. Was prettiest person there. Agreed to follow some tiny little man to Mordor to throw ring into volcano. Very important mission - gold ring so tacky." - Legolas (Lord of the Rings: The Very Secret Diaries)(again)

"One should always try to be a little improbable." - Wilde

"Pleasure is the only thing one should live for. Nothing ages like happiness." - Wilde

"Those who see a difference between body and soul have neither." - Wilde

"Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious." - Wilde

"Friendship is far more tragic then love. It lasts longer." - Oscar Wilde

"When I get a little money, I buy books. And if there is any left over, I buy food." - Erasmus (my sentiments exactly)

"Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a unique or beautiful snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else. We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world." - Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

"It was beautiful. We sold rich women their own fat asses back to them." - The Narrator (Fight Club)

"I am Jack's smirking revenge." - The Narrator (Fight Club)

"Many thanks to the Richard Harris Memorial Toad Choir for that lovely performance. Greetings, salutations, and what up: I will be your new Dumbledore this year, which I’m sure will be fabulous despite the presence of a few hundred undernourished ringwraiths on the premises." - Dumbledore (HP: PoA in 15 minutes)

"THIS IS NOT GROOVY AT ALL!" - Dumbledore (HP: PoA in 15 minutes)

Verger phones the proprietors of his dirty, dirty farm in dirty, dirty Sardinia, where he has been raising the Sixteen Giant Killer Pigs of Death for more than ten years, specifically for the purpose of feeding Lecter to them, because... that makes sense in... some dimension. That we haven't discovered yet. Possibly. (HANNIBAL IN 15 MINS)

"Woot! The Greeks have left! And look! They left such a nice big horsie too!" -Priam (Troy in Fifteen Minutes)

"I think you can bite my Trojan ass." -Hector (Troy in Fifteen Minutes)

"When you've been a wizard as long as I have, my boy, you'll learn that as soon as you find anything that offers amazing possibilities for the improvement of the human condition it's best to put the lid back on and pretend it never happened." -The Last Continent (A Discworld novel)

"Wonderful! Now Thranduil thinks that Imladris is a place where tone-deaf elves rise at dawn to eat disgusting food and take ice-cold baths. You are giving my realm a stunning reputation, you know that?"- Elrond (LotR fanfic)

Even Elrond’s wine-saturated mind sensed that something bad would come of this. Wine, weapons, and Glorfindel spelled disaster. (LOTR fanfic)

"Nihil est incertius vulgo, nihil obscurius voluntate hominum, nihil fallacius ratione tota comitiorum./Nothing is more unpredictable than the mob, nothing more obscure than public opinion, nothing more deceptive than the whole political system." -Cicero (Cicero Pro Murena)

One of things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious, as in It's a nice day, or You're very tall, or Oh dear, you seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you all right? - (The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy)

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." -Ford Prefect (THGTTG)

"My doctor says that I have a malformed public duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre...and that I am therefore excused from saving Universes." - Ford Prefect (Life, the Universe, and Everything)

"A war is just about crushing things, like I just did!" - Michael (Angel Sanctuary)(uwah, Mika-chan!)

"Potter, I will spoon you to death if it's the last thing I ever do." - Voldemort (HP fanfic)

"I see the world in a mellow light: it is God's excrement..." - Brecht (Baal)

"..How strenuous it is to be evil." - Brecht (Die Maske des Boesen)

"Hell is other people." Jean Paul-Sartre (No Exit)

"Oh, you should see the Colosseum, Spaniard! Fifty thousand Romans...watching, waiting...every movement of your sword..waiting for you to make that killer blow. The silence before you strike, and the noise afterward: it rises, rises up like...like a storm! As if you were the thunder god himself." - Proximo (Gladiator)

"Come sweat and live your youth with your teacher!" - Yukari-sensei (Azumanga Daioh)

"Watch my death, you slaves of God!" - Zaphikel (Angel Sanctuary)

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