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IMPORTANT CHARACTER NOTE: Due to my recent liberation from a friendship concerning the author InspiredUntilFurtherNotice, I have altered the name "Teella" to "Nanashe", who is trademarked to me and may NOT be used by ANY author, as she belongs SOLELY to me, as do all of my other characters. This is to sever any remaining creative ties to the noted person and so that our works may stand independent as our singular creations.I am now a free writer, and I am extremely excited for the boundless oppurtunities that await me!!

Now, allow me to entice you to a bit about me…

To Begin: My college is Washington and Jefferson, and I am pursuing a Pre-Vet and Studio Art double-major. I study medieval anthropology, especially the relationships between nobles in arranged marriages, theology and folklore (for sheer pleasure) as well- you may notice many historical and folkloric allusions in my works, none of which are coincidental, I promise. I am Roman Catholic but have a strong love and respect of other religions than my own. I have been seafood-free for 2 years, to protect the ocean environment.

Hobbies: As I noted, reading up on cultures and such. I also horseback ride (I could not survive day-to-day without my horse, Major. He is my rock, my one best friend, my world. It was once said that the wind of heaven blows between a horse's ears, and if such is true, then I have felt God in his presence), draw, paint, shop, volunteer, formerly fenced and scuba dived.

Things I Love: peacocks, sharks, Sean Bean, egg rolls, Daniel Craig, my characters (Yum, Scarlen) noblemen of lore, myself, Versace, green tea and the artwork Amoret in the Garden of Adonis by Batten, 1887, oh, and flames. They’re funny.

Books I Love: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (Go William Hamleigh!), the most stunning epic ever written, Paradise Lost, by Milton, and anything written by Frances and Joseph Gies.

Music I Love: Balkan/Turkish music, Azam Ali, Niyaz, Lacuna Coil. My favorite songs are Greensleeves and O Quanta Qualia, the latter by Azam Ali.

Things I Hate: jealousy, the stench of Bamboo and Teak candles from Wal-mart, ridiculous expectations even though I hold them for myself, and people who desperately try to be my friends. Sorry. I’m not social like that.

Personality: ambitious, resolute, aggressive, extremely forthright, independent, passionate, and enjoys quiet solitude. I am like the animals I love most- sharks. Intense, works best alone, efficient. Socially predatory? Possibly.

Thanks: I make my own success.

I would like to say, before I send you off to my final note, that I am a huge supporter of shark conservation. 100,000,000 sharks are mutilated alive aboard fishing vessels each year, for nothing but human greed and stupidity. Please, refuse shark meat and help save them. It breaks my heart to have to go to sleep each night wondering how many sharks were slaughtered that day.

As a final note, I do hope you enjoy my writing. Constructive criticism is quite welcome and strongly encouraged; your thoughts and opinions are what shape my work. Additionally, my works may contain mature and dark situations. I seek to make my writing as indicative of the Middle Ages as possible, which leads to historically accurate violence/language/etc. Please, do not read my works if this is disturbing to you.

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