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Okay whoa, Yeah, my name is Rachel , and im 16 now.. Uhm. All my info is on my "homepage" which is my myspace, which my friend Jimmy calls gay (even though he has one, and brings myspace up into conversation at least once a day) and yeah. I enjoy writing, and im an incoming Junior at FHS. And yeah, im going to start re-writing all of my shit cuz its was old and way messed up... the newest story would be "Somethings never change" and Jimmys fave story- HOT CHOCOLATE. Jk. that story doesnt exist. So go ahead, flame if you must, and have fun I suppose :P But I try even though I do my ideas and characters no justice what so ever.

Update major kiddies!

Kay im now 17 ... 18 in october WHOO HOO! Had to fix some shizzy today, new homepage-ish. Check it holmes. Oh uhm. Imma start ryting my shizzy again, but this time.. hopefully a little bit better... Journalism mixed with essay ryting tends to skrew up ones mind. kay. So.. I shall fix my everything! And those who R/R me... I LOVE YOU. Be my partners as we find ourselves a nice little island where we can raise a shitload of crazy monkey clones to take over the world. :) I love Kouga, goodbye. = 3

I love to keep my past bio's up because it makes me laugh, so update- Im 18...drop out, heading to valencia soon, have a wonderful job (Tijuana Flats FOR EVER!) I love to write, normally I just cant express my thoughts. So this is me trying, and hopefully, one day it will make sense. :) Please R/R. Flames are wanted. My aim is DarkGem81 and my myspace is my "homepage" :)

Update again- Im turing 19 tomorro.. o.o; And Imma prolly change my Pen Name to SpookyShika. In this instance, I was formally known on fictionpress as WolfDemoness89.

Also- Note for Luci- Since Denisse snuck on my name and reviewed your poem, I cannot v.v even though I tried signing out and reviewing it, didnt work. So heres my review.=

LOVE IT. And I would have been the first to review the damn thing if it hadn't been for that pesky Denisse!

Even though this is, years later. lol. Anyways. Love you.

And for those fans out there that have been with me, thank you, and im working on finishing my stories, and editing them :gasps: Yes, soon they will be readable! :D

GooshBye for now- :clings to Sesshoumaru:

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