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This bio is about Samantha.
To prevent confusion, let it be known that Samantha is also referred to as Sam.
And Sam is referred to as Samantha too.
Go figure.

Let’s start off with why Samantha is here.
Samantha writes because she has to. It’s kinda like a heroin addiction. Except that it’s not THAT addictive. And also except that instead of brain haemorrhaging, this heroin produces words and imagery and assonance and meaning and lexical definitions and the occ;assional mispl’aced pun!ct`uat)ion m?ark and also plot and occasionally alliteration that makes her important friends happy.
That was an excellent example of a un-sentence.
Good luck finding even one in her works.

Okay, we’re gonna move on to what Samantha likes, and who she is.
Samantha likes creepy-crawly moving things (that obviously means she’s a biosci student).
Sometimes these things are referred to as bryophyte hermaphroditic gametophytes. She thinks they’re too cute ^^
She also likes shiny things. That’s because she likes stealing. Yes, STEALING. She steals all the time. Like the time when she was dressed like a French maid and she stole Dawn’s bracelet. She should be ashamed.
Sam is not afraid of spinning clocks anymore because she understands pendulums.
She has not seen the movie “I am Sam” Though she has seen Fight Club. She is Jack’s total lack of surprise quite frequently.
She is not however Jack Sparrow. She is (as was already stated) Samantha (or Sam).
Samantha is so little! Dawn is WAY older than her. She’s her little munchkin.
(Sam = Dawn’s munchkin. Write that down in your copybooks)
Sam’s favourite colour is blue. Like the sky, like her eyes, like the strange fungus on her little brother; regardless of source, blue is awesome. However, she would like it to be made quite clear that she does not discriminate against any other colours.
Actually, that’s a lie. She doesn’t like PINK! Because NO ONE likes pink. At least no one who MATTERS. Yes.
Sam thinks that Smeagol would make a great first mate to Captain Hook.
“Walkess the plank, my precioussssss… Get off this tricksy ssship and eatsess the fishessesss….”
When her Captain has need of her, Sam makes a great pirate. And her captain’s last name isn’t Morgan or Hook. It’s Shin. She serves under Cpt. Wangled ‘Peggy’ Shin and her first mate Headily ‘Penny’ Gel. They all sail the seven seas in a bonny ship called the Fantastic Eggplant.
Samantha likes music. Which is good. Because it’s easy to talk about music. And Sam likes talking. Perhaps even more than writing. Probably because mouth muscles are quicker than hands. Let your minds run with THAT one kidlets ^~
Samantha does not like thoughtless Huu-mans. Actually she probably does. Actually she’d probably ask for a definition of thoughtless before stating her opinion. Actually, I’m really not sure.
Regardless, her opinion of humans is probably influenced by the fact Samantha is not human. To slake the lust of the curious, let it be known that Samantha is a dragon.
(Ask about her cheese horde. It’s imposing.)

Samantha had absolutely NO part in the writing of this bio.
She’d probably want you to know that. Maybe.
Her 1337 |-|4X0r friend Dawn (dawningfear) pwnd her account and wrote it for her.

(In all seriousness, though Sam is far too humble to say it herself, but she is truly a superb writer. Do yourself a favour and read her short stories. There’s something to be said of writers than can actually make you *think* about what you just read. Enjoy, you’ve just stumbled upon a treasure (me hearty… HAARRRRRRRR! Come off it, I can only remain serious for so bloody long.)(I’ll bet Samantha loves parentheses inside parentheses. You do, right Sam? (I thought so ^^) Hehe))

Samantha’s last words:
Samantha has no last words at this moment because DAWN wrote this for her.
But Dawn believes she’d probably say….
“Pirogues are yummy; I’m going to Newark! Ja, mata!”

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