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Call me kaz, yea?

Age: 15

Sex: female

Nationality: Chinese-Filipino

Birthday: October 7 (so drop me something!)

Height: 5'5 (in my Marc Jacobs, I'm not)

The Most Gorgey-Gotta-Love-Those Flicks Evah:

Pirates of the Caribbean (yea!), Lord of the Rings, A Beautiful Mind, A Walk to Remember,
The Day After Tomorrow, A Knight's Tale, Timeline, Ghost Ship, Hidalgo,
Sleepy Hollow, The Italian Job, Meet Joe Black, Troy, Kill Bill,
Spiderman, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Save the Last Dance, Raising Helen,
Chasing Liberty, The New Police Story, 50 First Dates, Taxi (!!!)

Sit Down and Read:

1) Everything by Meg Cabot

2) Ditto Sophie Kinsella

3) Confessions of Georgia Nicholson by Louise Rennison

4) Empress of the World by Sara Ryan

5) Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

6) Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

7) A-List by Zoey Dean

8) Royally Jacked and Spin Control by Niki Burnham

9) Hannah Goslar Remembers by Alison Gold -- a hell lotta better than Anne Frank, believe me.

10) Oz: Into the Wild by Christopher Golden -- one word: Buffy

11) On Writing by Stephen King

Can't Wait For:

1) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest -- two words: Johnny Depp

2) Kingdom of Heaven

3) The Simple Plan/Good Charlotte gig on 07/05! w00t!

3) Simple Plan's Untitled video

check it out : http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1496304/20050126/story.jhtml

Beltin' Out My CD Changer:

Breakaway -- Kelly Clarkson

Still Not Getting Any... -- Simple Plan

Love.Angel.Music.Baby -- Gwen Stefani

Ocean Avenue -- Yellowcard

American Idiot -- Green Day

Can't Live Without:

My iPod. And phone. And Havaianas. And Fornarinas. And that Orlando Bloom-esque guy on the block. And Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.

Can Do Without:

Fly swatters. And that suspender-wearing-turned-guy-overnight guy next door. And, ick, brussel sprouts.

And finally, a rundown of me gorgey fics:

1) Of Bitchy Girls and Gorgeous Guys -- well whaddya know, it's on hiatus. Can't tell you why, though.

2) Of a Knight Who Dared to Love -- it's called Old English, my beautiful people. Read it and be, oh, captivated.

A big shout-out to chainedfreedom, jgal71, Fallen VioletAngel, auroras last stand, Lia Silverfrond, Heaven Leigh Marquin (aka Heavily), DomSnitchsLins, Darkness Beckons, Roman Candles. You guys absolutely rock! Mwah!
Check this out: http://www.fanfiction.net/~kazfuego

"It's not everyday that a music channel, or even a tv channel gives an hour of its time to FIVE morons from Montreal, Quebec." ~ Chuck Comeau

"Sticks and stones, love. I saved your life; you saved mine. We're square." ~CJS

"I'd die for her." ~W. Turner

David: Does anyone here smoke weed?

Crowd: raises three hands

David: Then that means you have a lighter, so PUT THEM IN THE AIR!*

That's my Simple Plan fic, you idiot. *runs about like the madly insane* I'll Save Ya From Whatever

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