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I Goolz. You Kine. Actually Goolz is just the name I sign at the bottom of all my finished pictures and when I don't feel like writing my real name.(I won't tell you what my name really is--my sister writes here to, her name is Alfsigesey. She gives out her real name because she wants creepy internet guys to stalk her. It's like target practice or something.)

Well, yeah there's just one thing I have to add here *bows*to Brandon Lee Bruce Lee and Jason Scott Lee the Royalty of Kung Fu 'at least Jason is still alive'WHY??????????WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE??????????????

well my hobbies inculude Art, and Kung fu (the two best things in the world) if you want to see my skills of an artist just send me a pic I will draw it acording to how you want it (I dont draw happy pretty unless its my kind of pretty which is sorta hard to tell the difference from pretty pretty but there is a difference) or nice though its just to weird. I will send you back the finished copy and yeah print it out frame it whatever, I dont care what you do with it I'm just running out of things to draw

Just some fun things me and my friends and fellow kung fuists say:

Alfsigesey: "He never looks at my eyes... He's always looking down at his feet. Or like- -when we're sparing he'll kinda look at me sideways- -like, 'I see you! But you don't know it!'"
Goolz: "He's focusing on your center mass," *wisely*
Alfsigesey: "My what?"
Goolz: *Looks just below her neck*
Alfsigesey: *Looks at her boobs* "Oh..."

Goolz: "I'm sorry I backhanded your date in the face..."
Alfsigesey: "It's fine! Bruises make him look" *Sigh*

Goolz: "albinos are sooooo cool if I was an albino, I could jump into the snow- -and nobody would see me!"
"I think I would still know it was you..."
“Also! It would be so cool if I was albino, because then I could bury my head in the snow, and I could put a bunch of ketchup where my head should be, and then I’d look like a headless corpse and creep people out!”
“…Why do you have to be albino to do that?”
*gasp* “YOU’RE A GENIUS!” *Runs to get ketchup*

Goolz: "why does the plant look like its dying."
Eagle: "Oh yeah I feed it Mountain Dew yesterday."
Goolz: "WHAT!?"
Eagle: "Well it has mountain in the title, it should grow."

Eagle: "I do not belong in a place where I do not receive free food."

Alfsigesey: "My seminary teacher told me I'm going to hell."
Zac: "Oh... That's really bad... If your going to hell- -where the heck am I going?!"

Goolz: "You know you're at Kimber Academy when the graffiti is all in cursive, and it says; I HEART MORMON BOYS!"

Alfsigesey: *Walks into the girl's bathroom at Kimber Academy and sees Emery sitting on the counter reading from the Bible* Emery: *looks up* "Hi!"
Alfsigesey: "...Are you sluffing seminary to read your scriptures in the bathroom?"
Emery: "...yeah."

Sifu:*Suprem Wiseness* "if wishes were fishes ... we'd... all be full, of... fish."*confused*
Goolz: *Nods* (It sounded like he started with a good point... but by the end it was turning into a question...)

Eagle: "Are you wearing Eye liner?"
"Yes, she is I taught her how to put it on"
"wow there is so some girl in there"
"oh shut up!" *Punches him*
"Oww! I need that nose!"

Viper: "I hate everything!"*said with a big smile*

Viper and Leopard (also known as Goolz ME!) are standing in a McDonalds Viper glances at leopard who glances back suddenly the two move to fighting stances*

Leopard: "You wanna fight Viper?"
Viper "bring it on"
*the two immediately begin pummeling each other*

Amber: "we all have radio alarm clocks in our heads"

(Side note: Alfsigesey- -also known as Ailsa by those in the real world- -and Andy both do Kung Fu. Andy is a fabulous Kung Fu person. Ailsa kinda sucks. They grapple and spar and stuff- -and Andy also does way better than her, cuz he's way more experienced- -skilled, and natrually talented. He's a Red sash which means he's Ailsa's and my Si Hing- -Elder Brother in Kung Fu land... So Ailsa and Andy went to prom together at Ailsa's school and...)
@ Prom,
Brother Hatch: *To Ailsa* "Hey Beautiful! Who's your date?"
Andy: "I'm Andy,"
Bro Hatch: *shakes hand* "Nice to met you- -hey, you'd better keep a close eye on this girl... She knows Kung Fu."
Andy: *Totally straight face* "Really? I'll keep that in mind."

TV Quotes:
Auto: "spell Ac Dc"
Lisa: "Ac Dc"
Auto: "nope you forgot the lightning bolt"

Homer: "OOOOOOOOOOO she wants to have coffee sometime"
Ned: "I can hear her Homer"
Homer: "OOOOOOOOOOO he can hear you Rachel"

Ed, Edd ,n Eddy
Eddy: "where's the fire flat head?"
Edd:" Eddy!!!!! I am melting!!!!!!!"

ok...yeah well I actually wrote something which is a first for me so I feel very acomplished.

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