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Hi Minions of the undead! In case anyone cares, here's some random tidbits about me.

planning world takeover
Video Games
-Harvest Moon
-Soul Caliber 2
-Skies of Arcadia Legends
-Ocarina of time
-Golden sun 1&2
random acts of violence
sharp pinty objects heeheehee ^-^

nuts(the kind you eat)
the insane asylum
homework-actually, work in general

anything even remotely related to math

I must go blow up some asparagus, its planning to kill me...

I have an account on fanfiction.net too, but I only have 1 story. They insist that the other stoies broke the rules, BUT THEY DIDN'T!!!

Fun Quote: "He who can laugh at himself is lucky, for he will never run out of material."
-Some dude whose name I might look up if I feel like it.

To really sum up my theory on life I will quote a book by perhaps the funniest author of all time: Dave Barry. You have not read funny until you have read a Barry book.

"Suppose that two people -call them person A and person B- are late for an appointment in New York City and need to cross the street. Person a rushes into the street without looking; he is instantly struck by a taxi going at 146 miles per hour (this taxi has engine trouble, otherwise it would be going much faster). But person B -even though he is in an equally big hurry-pauses on the sidewalk and looks both ways. While doing this, he is severely beaten by muggers.
So we see that the choices we make affect the quality of our lives, and we should always try to make the smartest choice, which in this case would be the one made by person C, who chose to skip his appointment and stay in his apartment, watching the movie 'laundromat lust'."

I'm a C.

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