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Hello! My name is - - - - - and I am a writer and journalist. You can call me by my pen name, Serenity.

I am a recent graduate from university; I received a B.S. in Journalism and a B.A. in Anthropology.

I have taken courses ranging from short-story writing to poetry to persuasive theory and writing to various editing and creative writing classes.

I love to read - although college attempted to suck the joy out of pleasure reading for me - so I hope to get back into it. My favorite overall genre's are Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Some of my favorite books are: The Neverending Story, Alice in Wonderland, Dune, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 411, The Sandman, Sailor Song, the Merlin Trilogy, Lord of the Rings series, Watership Down, Dracula, The Circle Trilogy, and many more.

Some of my favorite authors: Michael Ende, J.D. Salinger, Frank Hebert, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, Ray Bradbury, J.R.R. Tolkein, Neil Geiman, Steinbeck, Jane Austin, Anne Rice, Ted Dekker among many more.

I read and write everything from Christian fiction to gruesome horror to fantastical nothingness. I love poetry, prose, non-fiction, and fiction. I think there are kernels of truth and beauty to be garnered from every form of writing and reading.

Elements of stories I enjoy: Gothic, horror, occult, religious studies, fantasy, aliens, sci-fi, emotional drama, bildungsromans (growing up tales), tales of isolation and journey, self-discovery, feminist studies, and more.

I write because it's the design of my soul. A little bit of the essence of who I am. It brings me peace, pain, comfort, longing, attitude, wisdom, spiritual guidance, and confidence.

A little more about me aside from the writer I am:

- I am 21

- I love to travel -I have been to and lived in New Zealand, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, 42 states (lived in Oregon, Washington, the bush of Alaska, and Brooklyn New York), went on a cross-country trip with my family of 7 (I am the youngest) in a suburban and tent trailer for 7 months. I love diversity in humanity and studying people. I love meeting people and learning about them.

Other things I enjoy and/or am an "expert" in (I have taken university courses in almost all of the subjects listed below as they pertain to history and writing):

-Body Modification (I am also a licensed piercer and have worked in a few tattoo shops)

- History (particularly history of the American West, Native American history, mythology, Arthurian legend, British Isles history, and pacific island history)

- Journalism

- Fire Dancing

- Pirates (I do pirate events and am quite studied up on the ways of real and "fake" pirates as far back as they date)

- Surfing

- Chronic Pain: Lupus / Fibromyalgia

- Native people groups

- Star Trek

- Batman / Comic books in general

- Dreadlocks

- Organic jewelry making

- Having extremely diverse friends

- Anthropology (Sexual / Cultural)

- Classic rock

- Being the youngest of 5

- Growing up with 30+ housemates

- Being a poet (Spoken Word)

- Pacific Northwest

- Working in theatre

- History and cultivation of hemp

That being said - if you would like me to beta something for you hit me up! Please give me an example of your work, a basic summary of your story, if you have a clear vision for your story and what is it if so, what you would specific like my help on (I can do everything from inspiration, to character building, to grammar, to structure editing - you just have to tell me what you are looking for!), and a little bit about yourself and your personal writing experience. I can't promise I will take every story obviously, but I will certainly do my best to respond to every request. Thanks!

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