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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Grade: College Freshman

Name: Allora, Former Pen Name: Elessar Lover

Political Status: Conservative Republican

Fav movies: Superman Returns, Indiana Jones, The Magnificent Seven, Tombstone PotC, LotR, Black Beauty, Spirit, Gettysburg, The Passion, The count of Monte Cristo, The Horatio Hornblower Movies/Books, Master and Commander, Hidalgo, Harry Potter is ok, The Patriot, the Polar Express, Sleepless in Seattle, Gladiator, National Treasure, Star Wars (originals), Revenge of the Sith, Batman Begins, The Patriot

Fav Actors/Actresses: I love Brandon Routh, Jensen Ackels, Tom Welling, Orlando Bloom, Jim Caviesel, Hugh Jackman, Ioan Gruffud, Jamie Bamber, Hugh Dancy, Paul McQuann, Heath Ledger, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, Hayden Christensian, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Liv Tlyer, Mirando Otto, loved Johnny Depp in PotC, Chris Evans.

Fav Music: Classical Music, Country ie: Toby Kieth, Diamond Rio, Superman Returns Soundtrack, El Dorado Soundtrack by: Elton John

Type of Fanfics I Read: I despise slash and smut. Especially heavy sex. Yes... sex is great and all but is a sacred union of a man and a woman ONCE THEY ARE MARRIED!! Now that I have that out of the way... I shall try not to yell at people anymore. :)

Type of Fanfics I Write: I enjoy making OC's alot, I actually have a fondness for it. I NEVER write slash of smut or graphic/heavy romance(sex). My stories normally include Action/Adventure/Angst/Violence, and sometimes torture. As I said above I love reading canon, but thus far I have not been able to write it well enough myself. Its one of the challenges I'm going to take on when Summer starts.

Misc. Info: I'm a Roman Catholic,and an American. AND PROUD OF IT! GO GEORGE BUSH! GO USA! I am a firm supporter of my country's military andfully back our decision to invade Iraq.I'm also a horse lover, I have my own horse,who is a Percheron/Thorougbred (Draft Cross) named Covington. Who is a gelding standing at 16.2 hands. I also sort of co-own aChestnut Warmblood with my parents, his name isbuddy. He's an 8 year old gelding standing at about 17.2 hand. I love both of my boys to death.- I ride English, and I compete in Stadium Jumping. I also love to Trail Ride and really want to learn how to compete in Cross Country Events. Fox Huntingsounds pretty good too- it'sa pretty big thing where I livew. :) I was previously training to play polo but found out I couldn't stay with the team when I started college. Sucks... yet, I know.


Falling Leaves: This is a mystery/romantic novel through the view point of a boy. Temporarily on Hiatus due to a bad case of writer's block and a needed change in the plot. This story may or may not be continued and I am seriously considering turning it into a fantasy... for now it's on a much needed Hiatus.

Shattered Glass : The Story of Caroline Carter: This is a brand new fic from me, about a young woman's life's story during the American War for Independence. The main character, Caroline Carter, is a new kind of character for me. One, I start off her story at a young age (which will be seen in future chapters) and I tell the story of her family as well, not only herself. This is a work I plan to get published one day if I ever finish it. Right now it's sort of dead and also on hiatus.


Untitled: A fantasy novel which I've worked on exclusively thoughout the summer of 2006. It's currently on hiatus right now due to time restraints from the lovely effects of too much homework via college. *grr* But will be continued and possibly posted at a later date.

Untitled: Story about a girl who was the victim of a school shooting. I started writing this even before the three shootings that occured in the USA this first week in October... sort of coincidential... perhaps fate. And maybe even a tribute, however unintentional, to those whose lives were taken so cruelly. It has the barest of beginnings... don't know if I'll even ever finish writing it... but I do like it so we'll see what happens. :)

Bio revamped.

I find a kind of calming effect when I write or draw, so I write I draw and I write again.

My other sites:
-Personal Site - Account on
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