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Hello, and welcome!

Name: A Chroi. Unless I'm wrong, which is entirely possible, this is an Irish Gaelic term of endearment. It is probably pronounced in such a way that one would immediately go, "What, a 'ch' makes WHAT sound?" This is Gaelic for you. I am slowly learning not to question it.

Age: 20. I'm getting old. Ish.

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Skin: I'm a geek. Take a guess.

Ethnic Background: Irish/Scottish/English. Tell me how that one's supposed to work, cos I certainly don't know.

About Me: I'm now officially a junior in college, majoring in Creative Writing and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Yes, I realize I will probably be working in food service for the rest of my life. Do I particularly care? No. Moving on. I like to swing dance, drink tea, make jewelry, and watch Doctor Who. Oh, do I love to watch Doctor Who. I pick up accents like nobody's business, have a tea cabinet in my apartment at school, and am prone to doing the Charleston at stoplights while I'm bored and waiting on the walk sign.

About My Writing: Everything on here is pretty much rubbish. I'm actually going to probably delete it all and start fresh, to be honest. Everything here was from high school, and let's be fair--high school is a pit of angst and self-pity, and quite frankly, that doesn't make for good anything. That being said, everything on here is likely to be deleted, with new things put up in the next few days for kicks.

I write poetry and short fiction. I think my summer project will be to write a novel, or at least get a good start on one, but for now, I'm sticking to genre-bending (as my fiction prof liked to say) short stories and whatever poetry tickles my fancy.

Feel free to comment, feel free to read-and-run, but please remember your manners. If you review something of mine, I will do my best to go and review something of yours.

Thanks for your perusal!

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