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Hello my freaky darlings-

My name is Rachel! I am a nineteen year old from good ole Detroit! I am a christian girl who daily tries to live her life not as her own but for God. He is my Father, firm foundation, He will NEVER EVER fail me or leave me. I do struggle...every day the Devil tries to grab at me and bring me down, but as Christ as my security I will never plucked from His hand. "No power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand" My life though it is hard at times, has a wonderful purpose. When the thunder roars loud, the lightening is blinding, the wind is heavy against me, and then rai is drenching me I can push through with God holding my hand through it all and know that in the end I will see Him holding His arms out. As I cry in His arms I will hear "Well done my good and faithful servant"

Whenever I get the chance, I love spending an entire night devoted to writing stories with a snack near by. Usually Ben and Jerry hang out with me or rice krispies with peanut butter on top. However, I am a college student now which means not a lot of time to do that :( I am told my stories incooperate a lot of my experiences and or the people I love in them. I had not realize this until one of my good friends pointed it out.

I love photography! I have a canon rebel XTI named Sir Preston David II, he is my baby and I take him everywhere. My friends call me the paparazzi because I take so many pictures. My good friends are the ones who know not to look at me when Im taking pictures but just to act normal (as normal as they get anyway, hehe) or just do whatever I ask them. : ) I like reading a lot...if I have enough time, I can fly through books fairly quickly. I love scrapbooking when I have a night of nothing to do but to show off my pictures in a beautiful way. I love being a social bug and hanging out with my friends. My friends for the most part are the best...they are humans meaning theyre prone to fail me and I the same. A lot of us have grown up together in church and we've been through sooooo much together- brain tumors, divorces, parental affairs, relationships, sexual harrassment, but yet we have all seen some amazing things together. Some day, our kids are gonna be like best friends.

Speaking of kids...I want a million! I LOVE little kids. I cannot wait to have my own when God knows Im ready because He knows all to well...I couldnt do it right now. I want at least one boy and one girl and after that Im happy with anything...I really want a large family. If I cannot have children, I would defintely adopt or have foster children.

As far as the relationship status goes- I am contently single (on most days) I have gone through a pretty bad break up in October and Im still hurting. But everyday God brings His healing little by little. I do not need to bother my self with anymore relationships until Im ready to be married. (easier said then done believe me) God has my prince charming out there, He does not need my help chosing who I want. I need not to look for him but have him look for me. I try to pray for him at least once a week and actually, write him letters too in my journal called "My Dearest Beloved" which I plan to give to him the night before our wedding. shhh...dont tell him though. : )

If my life could go "perfectly" as I wanted- I would be married to a youth pastor (or any pastor rather), a million children again, I would own my own photography studio in my basement, I would be an established writer and even best seller, I wouldnt mind being rich so I could help out with issues in peoples lives. But God knows the plan He has for me so I let Him be in control even when its hard.

FYI== In fifth grade I was labeled with a learning
diablility...they never named it or anything...just know I have one and
it complicates my writing. My mind moves faster then how much I can
write...especially when I write stories. Say the sentence was: The cat
ran up the tree. Mine would say: The cat up tree..so if you see
mistakes like that in my writings...PLEASE DO NOT comment about it in
your reviews...which I would love to recieve!

As I look at my stories, my writing may not be perfect or amazing...but every year my writing improves. But anywhoo...I should let you go so you can read my stories. Haha : ) have a happy day!

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