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You might have noticed (and you might not have) that I tend to change my Pen Name occasionally. This is not ment to confuse people...it's just that I can't stick with one thing (ask anyone that knows me, I change my mind a LOT).

Also, you might have noticed that my stories have some small errors that spell/grammer check don't pick up. Wanna know why? Because I am extremely impatient and can't force myself to proof-read/edit anything. Once I've seen it once, I can't read it again...anyone wanna be my editor? Or, if needed, I can proofread other stories.

I'm not into the whole "I hate my life, kill me" kind of thing, so I can assure you that there won't be anything of the sort in my writings. Also, I'm into fantasy type stuff. If I ever write poems (which will be rarely) they will be short, with at least a little bit of humor in them. Oh yeah, if you review one of my stories I will try -to the best of my ability- to R&R at least one of your stories.

I really need to concentrate on writing one story. Not start a bunch and not finish any of them.

Well, a little bit of good news!
-I have uprooted a bunch of my 'old' poems, and am in the process of finding more.
-I have posted a pronunciation list for all the characters from A Jolt to Reality (look at the very last chapter in the story)
-I've finally submitted over 100 reviews

And a little bit of bad news:
-My writers block is back! Well, either that or I don't have enough time to write anything...
-Every single poem I wrote during the school year has been LOST (unless I can find some in my messy binders). And it's all the teacher's fault! She didn't think that I needed to go on the computer and print out a copy of each poem (there were more than 10)...so now, they've been deleted, along with every other thing that was written during the course of the school year.
-The laptop is messed up, so I lost the part of the chapter that I wrote...now I have to start over!

~This is the space where I will rant/chatter about random stuff~
Right now I am extremely bored. I just wrote a chapter of my story, and my brain is completely empty. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas...I just can't think of any events to lead up to the things that I want to happen. I don't think you'd be very happy if I just posted a really cool thing that was happening, but you had no clue what made it happen. Also, I can't go to very many websites because the computer I'm on has some stupid security system that I can't override. I'm just lucky that I can get on here. I can't even get on AIM because the computer doesn't have it! And none of my friends get on MSNIM...Oh well, I guess I'll read a bunch of peoples stuff.

You know what? I really want to update my website...but there's one little thing that's standing in my way. Wanna know what that little thing is? Of course you do! That's because everybody wants to know things. No...they don't want to know things that will actually help them in the future (like a new language, or anything that they teach in school)...no, they want to know completely useless things. So, I'll help you add something to your collection of completely useless info (if you want more, check out my buddy profile)...I can't update my website because I can't think of what to add! Doesn't that suck?

Some people have asked me "How do you come up with character names?" Well, (read this if you have trouble coming up with names) I just hit a bunch of random letters...about 75% of the time, that comes up with a decent name...
I just came up with those 3 names using the method listed above. Pretty easy, and with good results. What more could you ask for?

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