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My pen name is Kacella.

I will forever be trapped in the body of a fourteen-year-old. That's when the vampire bit me, yup, it was the summer of '72, as I do recall.

I was in a disco where this pale faced stranger asked if he could buy me a drink. I, being high on drugs that I had consumed earlier that evening said yes. And that night, right out side that damned studio 54, I was made into one of the UNDEAD! Mwahahahahahaha!

Let me tell you more of that intense moment, where I... was made into one of *them:

Well, he asked me if I would like to go outside as I started to puke on his fine Italien shoes. Yes, quite the gentelman he was, really. And as he wiped off the remains of my vomit with a fine silk hadkerchief, I felt nothing but love for the pale face being with the blazing eyes.

The cool night air felt nice on my sweat glazed face, the sounds, sights and smells of the city flooded my senses as we stepped out, out from the smoky disco air, loud music, and glitter, out into the masses of beautiful people waiting to get into the disco. But that didn't matter now, now, all that mattered was this tall stranger.

We walked to a secluded alley where he put a beautiful pale hand in my hair. "Kacella," he whispered, the sound seemed to float around my head, somehow making me feel sober again. He whispered the name again, and started kissing my neck, then, what overcame me, was something of a haze... A druglike daze.

I was dying, fainting in his arms. Then I felt something salty, yet, sweet and pure against my lips. Blood. The Elixer of Life. A gift of such exelance, such stength, that I can't believe it was bestowed upon me and wasted on my pathetic life. But it was, and with each greedy slurp I felt stronger. Each sip was like a breath for me, breaths of life, putting air back into my lungs, I felt light, strong. Stronger than I ever remembered being.

My intoxication was nothing.

I was light, free. I sucked until the fellow had to push me off, screaming at me for being such a greedy fool. But I already knew what I was, and how strong I was: I was immortal, and the immortal that had made me was weak for loss of blood. I killed my maker.

Right then and there.

Survival of the fitest baby, and I was fit.

Would you like to hear more of my childhood? Quite normal, really: Summers in Rangoon, blah blah blah... Then somebody shaved my testicles... Wait! I have no teticles! I must be an eunuch! No... wait... I'm a girl!

Oh yes, back to my history, at the age of seven I was made to an honourary priestess of Vesta, then Mars came and we had a little fun and I bore two twins: Romulus and Remus. (at the age of seven, mind you)

Now I must say adieu, yet, as we part, let me leave you with a disturbing quote:

"You're unique- just like everybody else" or maybe "It's always darkest before dawn, so, if you want to steal your neigbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it!"

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