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The full moon hangs in the night sky. Its blue and silver light giving everything a ghostly appearance, lighting up the night sky, and the lands beneath. Stars shine brightly like diamonds on a blanket of dark blue velvet. The only sounds that can be heard are the trickling of the river and the chirping of the crickets. The trees stand tall, forests cover the land. Late night dew hangs on the tips of the grass. The tips of the mountains are obscured by the darkness. Through the woods there is a small clearing. A beautiful old church stands in the corner of the clearing.

The moonlight pours through the beautiful stained glass windows. A well stands next to it and underneath a large oak tree a horse lay next to a sleeping maiden. Her light blue dress lay underneath a dark blue cloak. Her long brown curls visible beneath the hood. Books are scattered all around her, parchment with scribbles on it sit at her feet. As the morning twilight comes with the dawn she begins to awaken. The sun rises and she starts to stir. The horse neighs. You take your leave. Careful not to be seen or heard...


I have removed everything since it was all rubbish, and this way no one can take my work.

-Farewell Twilight

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