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'Sup? (haha she's a kidder this one!)
You may know me from ff.net, if you don't PLEASE do not read my story over there because it was the first one that I have ever written. So yeah.. not very good...

anyways- less about me! (aww! but I ALWAYS want to talk about ME! eheh) more about my stories!

Compeleted: Princess Chiara (on ff.net)- Ella Enchanted fanfic. Written last year, I sadly do not remember the plot at all. But I did get a large number of reviews, so maybe it was good. Hopefully, anyways. I'm considering writing a sequel. If you want to either say "Oh. My. God. NO! NOT THAT MONSTROSITY OF A STORY!" or "Yes. That would be okay with me." please email me and give me your honest opinion!

In Progress: Outcast of Ellora (on ff.net)- another Ella Enchanted fic, I'm very excited about this one. It has lots of potential, and I absolutely adore my characters. This is one to read!

Thinking about: (these are just some story plots I'm turning over in that head of mine..)
Spoiled Farmer: okay, bad title. This would go on fp.com if I ever get around to writing it out. It is about an incredibly snobby noblewoman who gets stranded on a peasant's farm. It will be fluffy and sappy with NO apologies.. because I am a hopeless romantic, and I know that I am not alone in that sense!

Two Tribes: Epic, will probably be 80 chapters with 15 pages per chapter. This will be a very big story, epic most likely. It will be about two warring tribes, one flourishing, and one reduced from its once magnificent splendour by the other tribe. A political misunderstanding will occur, bringing on a war that lasts for 200 years. By the time our story starts, no one knows why they are still fighting, but it has been bred into them. That is, until the patron of the Gulzige (the dominant tribe), a wood nymph, and the patron of the Obronca (smaller tribe), a water sprite, decide to end the war. Using two youths from the respective tribes.

uh-oh.. lol

yes, I know. Lots of story ideas, and with school starting, NO TIME!!!

I shall try!

C. Noelle

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