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Name: Jade
Age: 15
Location: Australia
Random Crap: I'm a redhead. Yay -.- go the temper stereotypes... so what if they're kind of true? I'm just some weird freak, nice to meet ya.
Me: Ben, I have a very important question to ask you! Will you go out with Jamie?
Ben: Yes I will! *Hugs Jamie*

Maddy: Snagglepuss!
Rose: What's the difference between Snagglepuss and Pink Panther?
Maddy: Snagglepuss is cool!

Maddy: You could be popular if you wanted.
Me: What? Why?
Maddy: They don't treat you like they treat us.
Me: Yeah, that's because I'm kind to them even though they're evil bitches.

Me: I am not having computer withdrawal symptoms! *Twitches*

Maddy: Jade! Shut up and sit down!
Me: Aw, do I have to?
Maddy: Yes! Now have a cookie! *Shoves a cookie in Jade's mouth*
Me: *Chokes... glares* Ooh! A cookie! ^-^

Me: Do they always spend time just looking at each other. I mean they could be doing other things to spend their time like...
Dark: Like snogging I know...
Me: Oh no, my mind was way past that. ^-^;

Chris: Saga has the brain compacity of a chipmunk.

Chris: I'll kill you! You just have to slow down first.

Matt: I do not act like a house-wife!
Tori: You only look like one.
Matt: Are you implying I'm the uke?
Tori and Damien: Yes.

Libz: I am GOD give me candy!

Rhea: Hey! I'm not the evil one! That's Deidre...

Me: GYAH! *Falls to the ground and starts twitching*
Maddy: O.O What?
Me: I had a brainfreeze. *Looks sheepish*

Me: Why would Tor-Tor have to ru-
Rhea: *Starts whispering a whole load of perverted stuff in Jade's ear*
Me: Oh... *Hits Rhea* Surely it's not tha~at!

Coby: O.O *Looks around* What am I doing here?
Me: O.O *Blush* Whoops!
Coby: *Looks down, blushes* Aw crap! *Disappears*
Me: Sorry! O.O

Me: Well... he can be rather stupid at times.
Tori: *Sighs and turns facing the group* Do you have to criticise everything I do?
Damien and Matt: Yes.
Tori: *Sighs and kisses Cystine on the cheek, finds that now is a good time to run*
Me: Poor Tor-Tor, can't handle being around a girl. *Gets hit* Ow, Damie. What was that for?

Me: OKAY! I need a pain-killer! *Starts banging her head on her desk making her headache worse*
Men With White Jackets (MWWJ): *Arrive and take Jade away*
Me: NOOOOOOOOO! NO! Squirrells come back! Save me damn you!
MWWJ: We're terribly sorry, but she escaped recently. Now she doesn't have to bother you anymore. *100-watt smile* Goodbye.
Me: NO! NEECHAN YOU TRAITOR! YOU CALLED THEM DIDN'T YOU?! *Gets her mouth duct taped*
Tori: *Looks innocent* Wasn't me. *Is holding a cell phone in his right hand*
Me: *Glares at Tori since she can't do anything else. Gets taken back to the institute. Stupid MWWJ!*

Me: *Has escaped again* I LIVE! Aw damn. Ja people. *Gets taken away while waving*

Tori: *Laughs, hugs Cystine* You're supposed to be leaving aren't you? *Kisses her on the cheek again* Ja.
Me: Just kiss her properly already dammit... AW CRAP! I'M NOT INSANE DAMN YOU! THAT INSTITUTE IS HELL ON EARTH!
MWWJ: See. She's insane. *Take Jade away again*
Me: Is glaring while being injected with drugs* I'm just a drug guinea pig aren't I?
MWWJ: Of course you're not. *Are laughing evilly*
Me: *Sighs*
MWWJ: Good little guinea pig.
Me: *Glares* What was that?
MWWJ: Nothing! ^-^;

Tori's Mobile: Beep... You've got a message you stupid fuck... beep.

Me: *About the hole in the o-zone layer* We're all going to overheat. ^-^

Pat: *Pushes Jade* Violence is against my religion.

Tori: PE was brilliant if you must know. It was full of chocolate whipped cream and sexy stripper guys. *Rolls eyes*

Damien: Um... okay, big enough blow right there. *Is inching away from the crazy lady with daggers*

Me: Maybe I should go back and colour... or stare at the shiny thing... Ooh, shiny. O.O

(More quotes to be added later!)

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Wetherview Village is in desperate need of a hero. Whenever a male is born they are sent to war. One male is unknowingly the soulmate of the enemy; soulmates being extremely rare especially in this time and age. (Male/Male Situations)
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