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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm still focusing on writing fanfictions right now, but I figured I'd start posting pieces of an original story I'm working on to see what people think about it and to see what I can add to maybe make it better. I've got friends reading it, but it's hard to get friends to say much more than "It's good." or "I like it."

So, I've got a piece of the first chapter of Green Valley up right now. It's set in a world I made up, which makes things more difficult and more fun at the same time. It's about a family of five that moves from the Kalila Islands to a high-class coastal town on the mainland. The school is a public one, but they have to wear uniforms, and there's far too many cliques to name. The main ones for this story are the "Skaters", the "Populars", and the "Art-Geeks". I've got a whole bunch of randomly fun characters, most of which are teens, so this story will have a lot of humor in it. Most of it will be written in different First Person POV's, but I think I'll do a few chapters in Third Person POV.

It's different from what I normally write since I don't like going into the whole high school labels crap, but at the same time I'm finding it fun to write. I'm not sure where this story will lead eventually, so I'm along for the ride the same as everyone who reads these.

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