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Greetings, young mortal. I am the god, Hel Niebeldor, and this is my pit. Yeah. So there. Hahah. Just kidding don't hurt me! .
You review me and I'll review you.

I'd like to give enternal thanks to my reviewers. Red Outburst, Wolfgirl, Reda and my good buddy Wade. ^^ the next chapters are for you guys. Well, I just thought that since this IS my bio, that I should probably put something down about me. . . Huh . . . Were should I start.
I am Female
19 years of age
I live in Dauphin Manitoba (a little less than a speck on the map, if there is even a speck)
I like cats. . . in fact my favorite word is Mow!
Come to think of it, I wrote a poem about Mow. Maybe I'll stick it up later.
I like Anime (anime is cool ^^)
I have three bestest friends Amtoro (h7), Scobikis, and Cortanis.
I draw anime. And All you Blood Wolf fans out there (Yeah I realize that there is none, but a girl can dream!) I am planning to post some of my work at DeviantART. .
Hummmm, what else?. .
OH! Yeah! I have a vivid imagination (just like everyone here ^^) And my very bigest of dreams is to bring it to life. Writing a story of all my adventures is one way, and I was getting interested in Flash. Chibies, comics (maybe) ect... .
Huh, a though just came to mind, I wonder if I should leave a discription of all the different types of races on my world "Na Rah" I mean there's Elves, Coquarines, Parageians, Cassadains, Chibbians, Nomicans, Aquaphines and probably more I'll probably create out of bordum. (spelt wrong I know! It's a curse!)
Whatever, Maybe some time later. If I feel like it, but in all truth, there's no point in typing it up if nobody reads it. E-mail me If you care (If anyone bothered to read this far. . .) .
@@ OH! OH! Good news, Cortanis wants to post up her stories, she doesn't have a computer (that works) (poor poor deprived Cortanis. v.v) Anyway, and she asked me to post them when she's done with them! Of corse what do you care, right? Meh... Ok so I'm a master of talking to myself, sue me!
Ok I shut up now. . . But remember there is a Wickman, A Wickmanman And a Wickmam. And Beware the Werechair! . Advancements:-

Blood Wolf : - Chapter Four - 80% (HA!see! It went up!)done
Sorry doesn't get gory untill the sixth chapter. So please just stay with me. Still here! Still typ'n.
Ok, hold on. Chpt 4 is a big one, already 12,000 word and olny 75% done!

--Other stories I'm planning to type.--

--The Shiftures G1 -
The story that started all the other stories.

--The Shiftures G2 -
The second part to the first Shiftures

--The Begining of The End -
A story that takes place in between the Shiftures stories. The characters are not human, but are a type of alein cat-like creatures I call Coquarians. This is where I fisrt introduce the nomercicatari.

--Shadow War -
Takes place after the Blood Wolf. Features Teajus, an elf with flamming legs, arms and hair. And my favorite god - Lucis The god of good luck and bad luck. ^^

--Lords Story -
Takes place before the Shiftures. Featuring my Coquarians, and killer machines!

--The Toaster of Fergis -
This a stupid yet funny story that I did for a school project. I believe that it earned it's place on this site. The first chapter is done, but I won't be placeing it on this site till the second chapter is up.

This story is about fish, and how it would be like to be "Taken" Has an awful and crule ending. It will most likely be up before the others because it's just a one-shot.

--Behind Locked Doors-
Another one-shot and will be up soon. It's about a so called hunted house and a cursed door. Inspired by an odd dream I had a while ago, I think it will be good. Stay tuned! Well. . .that's it. For now!

Well, I'm a new writer here, and well, I try. So be nice. No flames unless you truely have some construct of critism to your review. All other reviews will be taken with open arms! ^^

. . .

Thank you,

Yours truely,


P.S : ONE L!!!

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