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What's happening people?

My real name is Lisa but you can call me whatever you an extent. I'm a college student that goes to San Fransisco State University and I'm a Freshman. I'm 18 and have been writing for six or seven years now. I’m into anime, reading, Star Wars, Science Fiction, listening to music, writing, and doing graphic design for many different things. As of now I'm currently working on one big story, and two smaller ones. All for fun.

My biggest story, The MainFrame of Zen. Very cool looking in my mind. Think Star Wars/H2G2/Cowboy Bebop. It's about a girl named Jet, who goes off for connections in life, she meets a couple of people who have some minor issues and faces an unstoppable evil while finding things out about her past she didn't even know, and she's still looking for those damn connections! This looks like it's gonna be fun. It's also rated M for a damn good reason later on. This is my biggest thing and main focus right now. I'm putting my all into just this story, since I'm determined more than ever to finish it. Any comments would be a great help to me and I'm usually online daily. Well, I finally finished the damn thing, or at least the first part. Secong one's coming out soon and its as good as ever. Have fun on it.

Anyway,enough of that! I'll see ya later!



I've been searching the for months looking for things that resemble what is in my story the MainFrame of Zen and have come across a few picture that work very well. Note: these are not MY pictures, they are somebody elses and they are the ones who get credit for this work. Not me, I just love it and feel it matches parts of my story. Enjoy!

In Chapter 1:

Jet flying into Cameel. -small picture-

A picture of Cameel..

View #2.

View #3

View #4.

In Chapter Two:

A view of Tormack when Jet looks out from Anaske's house.

In Chapter Five:

When Wood and Oro see Rack Twelve's huge docking station from the main screen.

The Celsius starting to dock. -close up-

A view of Rack 12


My Claimer- All these characters, plots, and ideas and everything else are owned by me! (Lisa Wood)

!They are copyrighted so no stealing!

If you want to use any of my ideas for some reason
e-mail me first and I'll see about it!


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