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Welcome to my profile. It is sorted into the following categories: Fun Stuff, and Business Information; it's pretty straightforward. If you don't care to know the details on my rather boring life then feel free to skip down to the Business Information which describes very briefly my writing style, my statistics, and my stories themselves. The most important part of this whole profile is my Contact Information. I love reviews very much, even if they're bad. It gives me immense pleasure to waste someone's time on one of my stories. I also love making friends, so feel free to e-mail or add me.

Ways to Contact Me:

x. E-mail me at lipringinspired@GMAIL.com,


x. http://ziggygurl.livejournal.com (Feel free to friend me)

x. www.myspace.com/lipringinspired (Feel free to friend me)

x. Add me on MSN: lipringinspired@HOTMAIL.com


Profile Last Updated: Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Name: Devon

Nicknames: Dev, Deddie, Cheyenna, Nori, Ziggygurl, lipringinspired, Deddie-O, Cheyenna Danna, Noreh, Nori-Pants, Deddie1, Scrunchie, Doodlebug, Noodle the Doodlebug, Snuffles, the Great and Magical Jellybean, Bubble Girl, the Random Queen, Doodle, and Noodle and plenty more.

Height: 5'4"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown with a tease of red.

Current Residence: North Carolina

Movie: RENT & the Nightmare Before Christmas in particular. I love a lot of movies though.

Song at the moment: "Over My Head" the Fray

Book: At the moment I'm captivated by "Twilight" - Stephenie Meyer, "A Great and Terrible Beauty" - Libba Bray and "Inkheart" - Cornelia Funke

TV Show: House, Whose Line is it Anyway? and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Music: Everything from alternative rock to musicals.


Writing Style: I don't really have a writing style. I like to type whatever I can possibly get out of my head as quickly as possible. It usually leads to complex many characters who I then try to get rid of halfway through the story. Most everything I try and write turns into a romance at the very latest halfway through, I've decided not to fight it anymore although it annoys me very much. I'm a character writer and sometimes it makes my plots suffer.

Updating Schedule: I update when I have something to update, unless I set a deadline for myself. Maybe I should start making deadlines more, as I hardly ever update anything.

Statistics: For Fictionpress.com I've received 119 reviews as of yet, and my goal is 150 as of now. I have submitted 88 signed reviews, but most of my reviews are unsigned so that doesn't really mean much. I have archived 72,230 words. There is an average of 6,566 words per entry.
For Fanfiction.net I've received 152 reviews as of yet, and my goal is 200 as of now. I have submitted 83 signed reviews, but I'm terribly lazy so most of my reviews are actually unsigned. I am on the Favorites list of 14 members, and the Author Alert list of 15 members. I have archived 86,464 words. There is an average of 12,352 words per entry. I have had 555 hits to my profile page.


Fanfiction Stories:
The Heartbreaking Silence of Forever- Aubrey's life has taken a turn for the worse, and Soda and Steve are gone. Darry is dating Cruella Devil, and she can't seem to fall back in love with Two-Bit. (FINISHED)

Battle Scars- A story about The Outsiders! It's about this girl named Aubrey who is very imperfect, not beautiful, and way too sarcastic for her own good, plus she is a drunk. But she loves to have fun and she has a fierce determination to protect her friends. She trusts Sodapop more than anyone else in the world and she can see the good side of Darry clearer than anyone else, but she gets caught up in a crime that she won't be able to get out of. (FINISHED)

Captivation of the Sea: Squid's Past- A one shot Holes story about Squid's past. It's my view on the events that led up to his arrest. Extremely short and unpolished. (FINISHED)

Concept of Fire: Zigzag's Past- I wrote this one at school, and it is semi-depressing. It's a Holes story obviously and like my Squid story it is about the events that led up to Zigzag's arrest. It puts a spin on the whole fire thing and isn't in Zigzag's POV at all. It made my best friend cry. (FINISHED)

Sammy's Story: Zig's Past In Another POV- This is branching off from my other Zigzag story. It's Holes obviously. This one is from the POV of Zigzag's younger sister and is better understood if you read the other one first. This one gives Zigzag's past a childish and innocent approach from a kid who loves him unconditionally. A one shot as well. (FINISHED)

Holes Story: Camp Green Lake Girls- It's about the manipulating Thorne who is rich and doesn't care about anyone but herself. Also includes the characters of Robin and Rachel from my dear dear friends Fallon and Ashlyn. They actually wrote chapters for me. The story is a romance of course, first story I ever put online. (FINISHED)

Letters from Camp: The Sequel To CGL Girls- Following the characters from the first story on their summer break after leaving Camp Green Lake. It involves Hawaii and a few letters back and forth, in fact the whole story is written as letters and diary entries. (PENDING)


April 18, 2006 - Please note that the quotes have been removed. I hope to eventually put up new quotes from recent times, instead of the old ones.

October 29, 2006 - I'm begging all of my friends to help with quotes, I'm hoping for good luck soon.

November 1, 2006 - I'm hoping to get MAJOR editing done soon. I only have WordPad on my laptop, and it's making my spelling and grammar suffer big time. If you would like to help me by pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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