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Hi, i am by-the-light-of-the-moon (obviously that is my pen name, not my real name). I am 16, a Buddhist andI live in the south east of the U.K.
My insiration for short stories usually comes from images or ideas which i pick up on, and think about till i come up with an idea (whether it is good or not varies) for a storyline. My stories usually have littel or no connection with my real life.
My poetry is quite different. I write almost all of my poetry when i am upset about something in my life - unfortunately this will probably give you a very skewed veiw of my life if you read my poems. But i've just deleted most of them cos they were all really bad and my boyfriend has just got an account and i want to review him without him being able to laugh at me. Meh, if i feel confident i'll put up some of the stuff i wrote a little later which i think is marginally better. No promises though, you may well be stuck with just 'Butterfly Wings' which i still rather like (mainly cos its one of the only happy poems i've ever written).
I love getting reviews (even bad ones, provided they tell me how i can improve) so please R/R any of my work - you will make someone very happy, and surely that is a worthwhile use of anybodies time! (And if you review me, i may review you in return - i am hoping that if begging doesn't work bribery will!)
And if you want to tell me my poetry is lame then fine, but at least have the decency to tell me why so i can improve.
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