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The Basics:

Hobbies: reading, manga/anime-ing, writing, art-ing, and being slightly O.C. Oh, and procrastinating, but that's not really a hobby. More like a lifestyle.

: What doesn't kill ya probably hurts like a bitch.

: Fushigi Yuugi, Imadoki, Gravitation, Mars, Hana Kimi, Wish, Naruto and the list goes on.

: Watermelon drool Chocolateslobber

: Rock, J-pop and alternative

"One thing that worries me... am I as fucking perky as I sound?"

What's great about listing favorites is that I can tell you tons of details about myself without you ever having to know who I really am. Though if you're iniquisitive enough you could find out, but then you'd be a stalker and I just don't have time to pay you the proper attention.

OK. Whoo! I've done something drastic. I removed my oldest story (still unfinished) from FP. But don't fret! It's temporary! (I hope!) I'm doing some revising and editing to make it flow moh bettah. And I'm renaming it. Again.

Holy heck! I wrote poems... I never do that! And what's more? They're not angsty! w00ti! I've been busy literary-wise lately. I mean, I finished a chapter on a story that I've been letting marinate in its own tragic juices for two months. I wrote TWO, count 'em TWO poems in one night. I'm on a roll! desperately runs around trying to find some decent wood to knock on

7-4-05 (wee hours)
Happy Independence... I guess...Anyway, updating more of Phoenix because I'm going on vacation again next month (Costa Rica! w00t!) and won't be able to update. Not to mention, it's just sitting there... rotting.

I'm back at HQ and have updated PO just as promised cuz I'm a good girl like that. I hope to write another chapter before I run out of chapters to update, but thats not a promise because then I'd feel obligated to keep it and that means feeling obligated to write and the only time that ever worked out was with "Playing the Good Samaritan" which you can conveniently check out below!

Woo-hoo! Chapter 10 updated on Phoenix. That's like a record for me! I'm getting it together so the story is starting to make sense. Way late, I know, but bare with me here. I'm working on it. Its about to get interesting.

POEM! I did one! Me! Woo-hoo! fanfare Enjoy!

Lost power for about a week, but we're up an running again! Had a few nightmares when I started worrying if all my files were safe. They were so we can all breathe easy now. whew

I've removed Who Am I? because it needs some serious revamping. Its going nowhere near whereI wanted it to. I think I took the meaning of tangent to a whole new level with that one. So, it will be in a full body cast until further notice. Thanks!

Do you ever notice when things come to an absolute standstill and you couldn't do anything about it for the life of you? I've written maybe five pages in the past two months. Nothing worth posting, however. Sorry, looks like the wait is a lengthy one this time. Maybe Phoenix Overthrown will finish itself.

I'm going to Hell, I know! I'm so sorry everyone! But look at the brightside! I'm publishing that damn book! So soon you can all pay for the book that you could have read free online! Whee! Support aspiring novelists! Look for Playing the Good Samaritan online at amazon.com, borders.com, barnesandnobles.com, Ingram, Booksin print, and more than 200 other online stores! (yes, that was a HINT)

Happy New Year! I had no idea guilt about writing could be so acute. I avoid books because the guilt is getting to me... I really need to finish my writing contract with Xlibris before I finish Phoenix Overthrown, but I have more of a feel for Phoenix (cuz it's my baby) than I do for Playing the Good Samaritan. Love all around wish me luck!

I meant to mention this last post and I don't think did. I won't be posting until Playing the Good Samaritan is finished. I have quite a ways to go on it. I hope you can all bare with me!

"I've always considered writing the most hateful kind of work. I suppose it's a bit like fucking, which is only fun for amateurs. Old whores don't giggle much."
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