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Ah well i thought i would tell you that i am taking down Destiny, and hopefully I will put up the next on in the series thanks all for those who reviewed



I thought i would update my profile again!

Thank you for all those people that reviewed Curiosty turned the kid, i have fun writing it as im niether a ten year old or a guy. It is hard sometimes to write with main characters that are male, but i have tried to make them close towards it.. Like i say there guys with a soft side, but they all have their strong points, cheekyness (Like Art) they are charismatic and sometimes arrogant (But they always have a strong female character to bring them down a few) and so on...

So far i have finished two stories, one wasn't all written as i was doing some work on it and it took longer than i thought.

I would also like to thank all those that read Destiny, i think i replied to all the reviews and if i didn't just email me and i will...There will be a sequel sometime and it will be called Destiny: Fools Gamblet. The focus will be more on the twins, instead of Art and Maya but they will pop up now and again as the twins are still young and in training... I have no idea when I will post it but maybe after i've finished a few of the ones i have started already...

Anyway that's me for now...

Bi Bi

Hello, I thought now that I have more time to update my profile I thought I'd take time and write my profile up again and add more things about me... So stay tuned:D

Ok sorry if i've confused anymore i think i'll stick to Secret Sorrows, its done well for me so far so yeah its back!!!!

Im Seventeen years old and in my last year of College, i go to university next year... Don't know whether to be scared or excited!!!

Anyway, i have been writing for a long time, and Fictionpress is the first time that i have let anyone out of my family read my stories, and i want to thank everyone who has reviewed me since i started you have helped me believe that i may have a chance to further my writing, even though not all have been nice but they have helped me a lot.

I guess you have noticed that most of my stories are supernatural or fantasy, it's funny how your imagination leads you down certain roads... Anyway you guys seem to like them so i want stop lol!!!

Now some info about some of my storie and what will happen next.

Destiny: The Curse of Beauty: (Complete!)Well Art goes off on a journey to discover the guy who stole his face, (lol really poetic don't you think) And on the way Art and Maya find their heart, in an unexpected way (Not ganna shed light on that just yet sorry Aferdeity... If i told you everything where would the fun be in reading it!) and at the end you will find out whether Art gets his face back...Or not!

Ummm not what else is there... Never good when you forget what the rest are...,. Let me check...Ah yes heres a new one...

A Hero unscathed is a hero made: Its a Vampire story, about a boy alone in the world for the very first time, who is given a chance to never been alone for an enternity, but first he has to give his mortality up to the very same vampires who took the life of his brother, the reason he's alone... Not sure where it's going it only has two chapters at the moment so yeah plenty of time to figure out.

what else... oh yeah i remember

Bulderdash: Now this is one i enjoyed heaps writing its about a girl who discovers that its not always best to walk alone in a park, then stop and talk to a puppy... Yeah lol but in the end she hooks up with a hot guy, so i guess its not to bad ecept that he bit her and turned her into a werewolf yeah every girls greatest dream not! I think this will have more chapters focused on her transformation :D should be good!

Crypt: Yeah another vamp story lol, well its about a boy called Crypt who is getting used to what he has become and finding nw friends... But that you find out once i upload chapt 2... yeah really should do that...

Anyway whats next... I don't think there is anything more to say... My other stories nothings really happening to them as of yet but if you want to learn more from others just email me or something and tell me which one and ill c what i can do :D

Ohhh, and something new... A first for me,

Just take my hand: About a girl called Eleanor, and her one true love Marcus, the one guy that could protect her from the lies of her family, and the secret that could shatter their lives and the love they hold...

The Greatest Gift of All: This is a new one... Have not really thought through this i'll see how it goes... It is about a girl Abigal, who become pregnant, and is kicked out of her home when her father finds out and if it weren't for her best friend Mark, then she wouldn't have survived.

Hamish McDonald: It's quite a funny story, how i came across chapter 4, i found it in an old folder and finding it really funny i decided to post it. So it would be nice if you could read it, and maybe review it, it's up to you. After that chapter i can't promise you another one, as I have lost the story line for it somewhere...

Anywho, that's it for now.

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