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My name is Mindy.

I live in Nowhere, Illinois. It's really not nowhere, but it seems like it. However, there is a Nowhere, Oklahoma? Did you know that?

I have a few amazing friends, and am apparently part of SerialXLain's posse, she is so cool lol. She thinks she's socially retarded, but I manage to have conversations with her. Maybe I'm socially retarded too?

Don't ask about my sexuality. I will just give you a dumb answer.

I was born on August third, not saying what year. I will say I was born in the year of the dragon.

I love quite a few manga series and Anime series, a few of them are: Gravitation, Fruits Basket, InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Yami No Matsuei, Loveless, Kill Me Kiss Me, and DN Angel.

These are somethings Vladimir Nabokov had to say about writers that I truly believe:

"The various combinations these minor authors are able to produce within these set limits may be quite amusing in a mild ephemeral way because minor readers like to recognize their own ideas in a pleasing disguise. But the real writer, the fellow who sends planets spinning and models a man asleep and eargerly tampers wiht the sleeper's rib, that kind of author has no given values at his disposal; he must create them himself."

"The truth is that great novels are great fairy tales."

"The art of writing is a very futile business if it does not imply first of all the art of seeing the world as the potentiality of fiction. The material of this world may be real enough (as far as reality goes) but does not exist at all as an accepted entirety: it is chaos and the author says "go!" allowing the world to flicker and to fuse. It is now recombined it its very atoms, not merely in its visible and superficial parts. The writer is the frist man to mop it and to form the natural objects it contains."

Okay, I promised my friend Nic I would leave Quotes by my friends on my page so here it is:

Mr. Day: Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but no one has to see it.

Nic: I lie about being gay so I can play with the straight boys.

Mr. Day: What events could you see leading to a Nuclear War?

Nick P: (a different One) A Jack Ass?

Mr. Day: Okay, let's focus not so much on the Jack ass itself but the events leading up to the Jacking of the Ass. What could you imagine causing a nuclear war?

Jon: A Jack ass, no seriously . . . (Then he goes into a spew on world powers, he's too smart)

Mr. Day: That's the day Alton would freeze over. Usually I would say Hell, but they're the same place. (You gotta love history Teachers. This one is so awesome!)

Me: He was wearing a girls uniform.

Nic: I want to wear a school girl's uniform.

Kristen: I love my random randomness.

Nick: (different Nick sorry there are a few of them I know) Courtney is a lesbian necrophiliac with a penis and she wants to have your babies.

Me: What . . .

Bobby: You are the dumbest smart person I know. . .

Jodie: I want Sephiroth

Me: Everyone wants Sephiroth

Jodie: I think I can make him unevil.

Me: You think?

Jodie: Oh you know it.

(XxSailorAriesxX is Jodie)

XxSailorAriesxX: I think I like you better when you're hyper

Celestialnight18 (4:53:21 PM): Really?

Celestialnight18 (4:53:29 PM): lol. Why is that? I'm not complaining?

Celestialnight18 (4:53:35 PM): Not all Emo? My life sucks. bS

XxSailorAriesxX (4:54:01 PM): Yeah, that's kinda part of it

XxSailorAriesxX (4:54:28 PM): Not so complainy and morbid sounding--wait, that's me sometimes, but still, not complaining is a plus

Celestialnight18 (4:54:41 PM): LMAO! But I am morbid. I'm writing about a guy who just got laid and while he was getting laid his mom was going to the hospita.

Celestialnight18 (4:55:30 PM): But I'm cool. you know that

Celestialnight18 (4:55:31 PM): Sometimes

Celestialnight18 (4:55:34 PM): Maybe?

XxSailorAriesxX (4:55:35 PM): Um... Actually it's just nice to see you kinda happy for once

Celestialnight18 (4:55:41 PM): Perhaps? Am I cool?

Celestialnight18 (4:55:43 PM): Really?

Celestialnight18 (4:55:45 PM): lol

Celestialnight18 (4:56:11 PM): That's nice

XxSailorAriesxX (4:56:22 PM): usually it's all, my life sucks and it's almost like "I have nothing to live for" blah blah blah, but right now it's nice to see that you can actually be happy and semi-human

Celestialnight18 (4:56:33 PM): Semi human?

Celestialnight18 (4:56:38 PM): I'm not human?

XxSailorAriesxX (4:56:47 PM): I thought you were an alien

XxSailorAriesxX (4:56:51 PM): ...You mean you aren't?

XxSaillorAriesxX (3/22/2007 5:08:15 PM): ): Well, there goes years of research down the drain...

Celestialnight18 (4:57:30 PM): I didn't know I was an alien

Celestialnight18 (4:57:40 PM): Aw poor jodi

XxSailorAriesxX (4:57:59 PM): spelled my name wrong genius

Celestialnight18 (4:58:03 PM): maybe, I AM an alien and well, I'm so good at hiding it even I don't know it

Okay, that's about all you need to know about me. Now please read and review my stories and after your done. Read and Review SerialXLain's.

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