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NOTIFICATION! Changed my pen name to Junopu from Kali Althos. Thank you for all your fandom... ...

Okay okay!! I haven't been active in over a year! Yeah yea! Don't all kill me! I am still here! I just have been busy with school. Oi! Anyways.. I have a new story that I am writing... And yeah..for those of you who complain about my short chapters... You are in for a surprise... it is loooooong...and I am thinking that I'll just post it up for the hell of it. Lots of small little short stories are coming up as well.. And as always... They are my own original ideas unless stated. And I am writing this at 4 am in the morning... yay lack of sleep...

Also, because of the work load of College... I doubt I'll get anything up here. Feel free to E-mail me though, as I will surely check there! Thank you!

Storys and Updates:

Ashes of the Phoenix: All are on Hatius... I lost the papers... Serriously!! Aslo.. I plan on deleting them... I know that that story is what made me popular... But something about it just makes me cring... Must be the way I presented it. I am thinking of just deleting the last instalment and combining them under a new name. I will let you know when I have thought about it more...

NEW!- Ballad of the Fated:Also on Hatius: This is a new concept I am comming up with. If you have read my small poem/story called "Ballad of the Fated" then I am sure that you are wondering why now that I have decided to use my ideas and write about it. Well... It was becoming apparent that the Ashes of the Phoenix story was becoming not all that interesting and I had a feeling that people wern't interested in it as much as before. For those of you who were actualy interested in it, I am afraid that it will be leaving pretty soon, or I'll combine the stories into one.
Ballad of the Fated follows the path of four friends on a journy through themselves and through another world. Brad, Zack, Lyra, and Erhic now must find one another before the War takes their lives. It all started back in Furrow Glenn Highschool ;when Lyra and Zack just discover their love for one another, a horrible driver sends them to the world that is torn between three great forces; The Southern Empirer, Northern Kingdom, and the Thieves and Assassins Guild. Each of the friends are after something that the other protects. Memories and flashbacks to the modern day are all that keepthese two sane... and whats worse then loosing your identity and having to pick upa new one?Having an unknown person's memory in yours when you look at your closest enemy and havingfeelings of compassion andsympathy for them. Who knows what will happen to them.


Archland's Silver Heart On Hatius due to lack of creativity

Just a bit about an original character and his wife and daughter. I gave it all away, but you'll have to excuse me. I'm too busy to worry about plot spoilers.

Tears and Sorrow It will be reaaaaaally long between updates on this one

A boy... who ... well... is different. The first chapter was supposed to be a one shot then it went from there. I don't know how I am going to get this to fit with another one I have baised in the world. I had it written on word perfect then it all just sort of went KABBOOOM! Yeah... computers... and me... don't ...get...along... sigh

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Tears and Sorrow
Something lost brings him into service. But when it is lost again, this angers him. Now he stops at nothing to bring what was lost back to him, even if he has to get his hands dirtier than they already are. R&R
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Would you? reviews
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