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1-24-03- Stress up the wazoo. Am attempting to get back into the fanfic swing. I have cookies and bits here and there- A little bit at WIKTT, a bit at . Double Defense hasn't been forgotten, I'm just... lazy. And strained. Black belt test and all that jazz. I promise I'll get back to it.

12-11-02- Double Defense is my focus. Check out Everything You Are at under Sirena_Lupin. Soon to come: Harry Potter and the Suit of Leisure. Check out stuff by SpongeBob if you wan hilarity from Jayde and I.

Ok, here's the deal as of 9/15/02: decided to take away what has been a big part of my life for several years now. As much as this hurts me on a very personal level, I do not wish to start an archive of my own work. I may or may not post the series of songfics I've been working on at a page I may or may not create at a later date. At this point in time, I haven't the heart or the energy. I'd like to say that I've met some of the best friends I have through Backstreet Fic and you all know who you are. I'm very hurt that this means of expression I've had for four years is being taken away, and am not shocked by any means that Xing had no reply for the long letter I wrote on the topic, but I'm sure he recieved quite a few. 'Tis a sad day when takes away its biggest categories... a sad day indeed. I suppose I'll join the group of people at fictionalley who call this "The Site Which Must Not Be Named".

As I said before, I'm actually doing more work at under the pen name Sirena_Lupin. Check me out... story is called Everything You Are. I'm working on fixing some of its bad points now. Until then, love to all.

If you want to read the old stories, or are interested in the songfics that I have coming in the future, I'll email them. [email protected] I'll be more than happy.

I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist. A lot of my stories deal with difficult issues. If you don't wanna deal with it, don't read it.

Britney and *Nsync must die. That's just a *personal thing*. I hate all the teen queens, except Krystal who isn't really a teen queen anyways, and all boybands except the BSB because... well, they suck to put it delicately...

"You mean to tell me you FUCKED MY MAN IN A SOAP OPERA DREAM???"

"You're not irish... you're SATAN!!!"

"Irish people eat POTATOES, not LITTLE CHILDREN!!!"

"Ohhhhh... to be AJ's hand..."

"What's your name? Michael, is it? I suggest, unless you WANT me to make you into a MICHELLE, that you CUT THE SHIT!!!"

"Hee Hee... OMG... Mom, get the inhaler... no! Nick just... OMG! He has my stuffed animal! MOM! GET MY INHALER!!!!! NICK (OMG) JUST (OMG) CALLED (OMG) BRIAN (OMG) A DUMBASS (OMG) AND HIT HIM (OMG) WITH *MY* (OMMFG) STUFFED ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!! *hypervenatlates*"

"Now, this is one of those RARE ass incedents when I really WAS looking at his eyes... and I'll be damned if they weren't the most beautiful ones ever... actually, he WAS hung, too, but... *sigh*... NEVERMIND!"

"Actually, I WAS assuming that 4-leaf clovers don't HAVE sex..."

"Um... yeah, mom... we were talking about... jelly donuts... yeah... you know how ya... suck the jelly out of em?... Yeah, that's it..."

"Ok, that's IT! I am NEVER going into the girls bathroom AGAIN"

"Shut up and TOUCH THE MONKEY!!!"

"You know how she is about penises..."

"NEVER speak of the Dark Lord's Genitalia in vain! You SIN!"

"Brother Fred, do enlighten the Unenlightened! No mere cheese is this!" (Thanks to Meir Brin and The Hogwarts Fanfiction acadamy)