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I don't really know what to put here as I think the stories should speak for themselves though since I'm here and have nothing better to do...I promise I'll keep it short.

My name is Fran. I'm rather fond of my computer and my car. I'm 20, live in the UK (usually) but spend every free moment I can in Denmark with my boyfriend. I'm studying at the University of East Anglia just now - Scandinavian Studies which involves language, history, linguistics and litterature though I'm taking a side course in creative writing. I enjoy travelling, driving and Boris - the floor fan. When I'm really short on cash I've been known to do illustrations for a friends children's novel, hopefully to be published in a few months time. Aside from that, there's nothing much to add - hope you like the work here.


The original Pandemonium 42 story was no longer to my liking. Posted here is the revision of said story. The first few chapters remain mostly unchanged but there are added sections of dialogue and the direction of the story has been altered rather dramatically so if you were a reader of the original version then I suggest that you reread the early chapters so that later ones make more sense.

Starring Frankie, Mish, Jay, Travis and Giles, this story chronicles the events surrounding what is seemingly an open-closed missing persons case and has everything a good story should have; fighting, romance, grand houses, revenge, money, loud music and all the other stuff present in the prenent in The Princess Bride, plus the added bonus of many cars!

Hope you enjoy!

Wizard's Return

(TOTALLY RE-EDITED)- The original posting of this story was almost impossible to make sense of due to my initial bad editing but after three days of hard work all fifteen chapters have been revised and now have helpful lines between sections. Oooh...spangly. The content is the same as before and in celebration, in the spirit of the story, here's a lymeric synopsis.

Vikellan came from the Plains
Headed Northwards by means of the train
His purpose - to marry
But homewards he carried
An evil that no one could name.

A book that had lain closed for years
confirmed everyone's fears
Golsom was back
And about to attack
All of Vikellan's Peers.

This story is sarcasm incarnate and Marlo's views of Cars and People are not those shared by the authors...honest...

Co-written by my friend Jenni aka Partial Trouble.

SEAN: Chapter Seventeen is for you - you're our Marek... wow, aren't we cute! Seriously though, here's a big thank you for all the support.

The Silver City

A short collection of Love Stories - all under 5 pages. I guess they're my attempt to chronicle humanities most tender moments. Very good if you're in need of a quick "pick-me-up"

This is Fran saying AARRROOOOOOOOO! and Goodbye.

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