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8-30-02 Everything But the Kitchen Sink
8-26-02 Mission X
7-17-02 Information Leak

Attention: *collapses in a fit of panting* Four writting classes... hard @.@;;;

Ahem, now that I'm on winter break (YAY!!!!!) I can start writing again while taking in festivities... so after writing down eight different story names, I'll draw one from my pretty wooden box. Drumroll please. *a drum rolls accross the floor* -.-;; thanks Duo... *sticks hand in box and withdraws a slip of paper. Opening it reads*

The winner for December 26, 2002 is...Information Leak. *clapping is heard*

Okay, so today, I'll ONLY work on that story until I chose another tomorrow. ^_^v

Season's Greetings!