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(8/5/08) Wow, so I finally finished Table for Two. I thought it was never going to happen. I also started my new story Help Me to Understand. I'm really going to try to be better about writing now that my son is 2 1/2 (almost 3... :- ), and he likes to be independant and play on his own. Changing Hearts and Beautiful Stranger are still on hold, and I may even take changing Hearts down. Its just something that I've really lost interest in finishing. I'll forever cherish it because it was my first attempt, but that's really all that it is...even if part of it was my real life.

I guess that's all. So read my disclaimer below, and if the mood hits, click on one of my stories and let me know what you think.


Ok, so here's the deal...I'm not really a writer, I don't pretend to know what I'm doing. I just like to write as a way to get out my ideas, it's kind of like therapy in a way. I'm a mother to an almost 3-year old crazy boy, and I spend most of my time with him, which leaves little time for other things.

And, as I've said before, if you don't like what I write, the beauty of the internet is that you don't have to read it. I'm not sitting here forcing you to read the words on your screen, it's a concious choice that you make on your own. If you don't like it, don't read it. No need to leave a nasty message if what I write isn't your cup of tea or up to your standards.

So, if you don't like my stories, I don't blame you. But just remember, if you don't have something nice to say...

Also, unlike some other authors on here, I don't give personal replies to every review that I get at the end of every chapter. That doesn't mean that I value my reviewers any less than the authors that reply to everyone. I just personally feel disappointed when I see what looks to be a really long chapter, only to find that most of it is reviewer responses. So I try to keep my chapters full of content...what you see is what you get. Sometimes I will address one or two reviews, but usually only if it requires a response. Though now that you can respond to the reviews via personal message, I will try to be better about responding to them when I have the time. But please don't let my lack of time hinder you from reviewing. I love my reviews and I love my reviewers. You are all special to me, and you drive me to write more and to write better. Thank you all!!

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