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The Legend of the Del'Karma Werewolves

Rating: PG-13 to R for violent and/or offensive themes, possible sexual situations and otherwise disagreeable material.
Summary: In a time of war and chaos and a place where magic is black and fear is merely an element that binds, the vast mountainous range of Del'Karma is falling under a terrifying curse. When the moon shows its entirety, those who are wise would do best to hide in order to keep their lives, for it is within this one night that demons are said to arise from the depths of Hell and capture the hearts of men unfortunate enough to submit to the curse. With their blood boiling with monstrous hatred and rage, they are transformed into horrific beasts and roam the earth to satisfy their lust for blood... and revenge. These beasts, massive dire wolves said to be size of the largest equines and helplessly trapped under the dark spell of the full moon, become to be known as the Del'Karma Werewolves and are feared above all else within the mountains. With the generous spilling of blood and the body count rising, their attacks becoming more and more devastating to both human and wolf, could there be no way to reverse the curse and set those who suffer under yellow eyes and bloody teeth free...?
Progress: Chapter One currently under construction! Soon to be up, hopefully!

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