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Hey, my name's Nat and I've decided that the only way I can ever get my feelings out is through writing (i don't need to know how much of a cliche that is, i know already)

I'm 16 (Finally! I'm old!) and live in Camberly,England where it rains all the time. I have...red/brown/blond hair which has been hacked to pieces by my hairdresser so it's very short, hate hate hate. I have grey/blue eyes which I believe were God's attempt at making stained glass windows. I go a 'lovely' Catholic School, and I would like to thank my RE teacher whose 'exciting' lessons fuelled my desire to write Esc.
Around about now a favourite list pops up on most people's bio but I really lack the inclination and the time to do one so I'll be brief. Try to pretend you care for a few more secs okay? ta.
I adore music and it influences me alot. I don't really have a favourite band, or a fave song. I like anything that was written for a purpose, and it has to have a tune you can hum, things like Franz Ferdinand, Nightwish, My Chemical Romance, Placebo...anything except cheesy pop music really.

Fave authors have to be Stoker, Wilde, H.G Wells...some of the greatest classic authors of all time. More modern people include Stephan King (only read the Shining but it was bloody brilliant) Chuck Palahnuik and Terry Prachett whom I think, whether you love or hate Discworld, deserves to be admired. The guy has written over 30 books in about 20 years, quite an achievement for anyone.

So that's a bit about me, and now my plea. Please review, critisim is welcome, but don't be too harsh. .

(Psst...anyone who likes X-men at all...go on admit it...anyway, check this out. I've found being a part of it great for writing. Go look... that is all)

Edit: I am dyslexic, that's not an excuse for the bad spelling, it's the reason. I don't actually see the mistakes until it is too late, i'm trying to keep on top of it, but there are still a few that slip through, sorry about that.

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