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Hi! I'm Katy, and this is my Bio! I've just reacently changed my name, I was called Fruits Basket Cast( or the FBC) but I was bored by that... Umm... I dunno what to write now...
oh well, My stories:
Coming Soon(once I finish Adventures and Me and the Voices):

Careless Existance Or Car Less Existance (hehe)
(Manga) Chika (yes, that is her real name) is an ordinary freshman. She has cool friends, a great family, and a REALLY cool job. But one day a strange little old man tells her that she is the chosen one and she must save the world from the forces of evil... being the chosen one really will screw with your social life.

Evil wears a Pleated Skirt
Join best friends, Kimi and Indira, on their crusades against the air headed girls that populate the sidelines.(Mucho swearing and Chearleader bashing, if you know one of the pleated evils, stay away!!)

What I haven't Finished:

Adventures beyond the veil
Glade has to save her family, best friend and the boy she is crushing on from an evil book maker with a Bart Simpson-like sidekick.

Who they are Who I am:

The classic adventures of me and the voices in my head.( Binti, Magnolia, Lacey and Ailis are funny)

Right now I'm blocked on both stories because its tuesday and I'm tired... So help me think of a new story to end my writers block with!!! I may have to start Careless Existance or Evil Wears a pleated skirt... : ^ 0
I'ma genius!! Ima gonna starta one shot open ended story!! Itsa gonna be only writerblock curing kinda story!! Arent I a fracking genius???
Well no, I'm not a fracking genius because a fracking genius would not get a D+ in pre-Algerbra, sad aren't I? * -_- *

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Me, Myself, and The Them reviews
I write about truelife events, while my multiple personalites argue with each other( First chapter is basic outline of story) A Huge thanx to Pixie-666 for my new title : )
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