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I return reviews! And I know most people must say that, but I really do.

Just as a head note:

I tend to tamper a lot with stories and ideas, and then upload them onto here to see what people think. Half of them I never finish, but if there is something you'd like me to continue with, please let me know, and I'll dabble with the idea a bit more. I can't, however, make any guarantees that I'll be able to finish everything I start. With most things I begin, I don't know where it is going at all, so criticism is greatly appreciated. It helps me know where to go with something.

He Was a King:

He Was a King (Part One) follows a man named Malik, the Thief King, and it goes through his adventures with his closest friends and most villainous enemies. It begins with a quest for the Dormac, a sword of legend that is said to give the bearer immortality and invincibility. This quest is meant to help Aredt, the king's nephew, to assume the throne, for the crown prince Cameron has given up his right to his cousin, Aredt. Not only do Malik and Cameron, also known as Luke, take part in this intrepid quest, but also a pair of twins with magical abilities, a farm boy with infinite knowledge of the Dormac legends, a spirited thief girl, a cynical sorcerer, and two average, ordinary people. Each of them has something to offer in the search for the magical sword, and each of them starts to discover secrets about the others. But they're on their way to get the Dormac, whether they manage to do so or not.

He Was a King (Part Two) begins with Damian, a man who, for all points and purposes, has no past. Having been found on the beach nearly dead and with no memories, he starts anew with a merchant family on the beach, beginning his new life. Three years later, a new king has been crowned and the island begins to stir with old whispers. Damian slowly starts to recollect moments of his life, moments that, when understood, change the way he sees his new life. He begins to remember who he was before his near death, and when everything comes back to him, he realizes that more than just a new king has happened to him and his old friends.

He Was a King (Part Three) takes place sixteen years after the Great Thief battle. Theivery is all but gone on the island, destroyed by King Cameron in his attempt to destroy all memories of his closest friend. He had named young Kara as the heir to the throne and life on the island is peaceful. But when an old acquaintance returns and begins to meddle with the peace, a new group of men step up to save the island from terror. Jak, the stranger from the mountains, is enlisted to help though he'd much rather spend his time doing his own things. Along with him is Merke, the noble boy who spent most of his childhood learning the ways of the street and searching for adventure, and who is hopelessly in love with Kara and would do anything for her safety. Together with Amell, Jak and Merke risk their lives to save the island until a shocking secret is discovered and everything is turned upside down. (As a sidenote I wasn't going to write a part three, but when I couldn't ignore the characters in my head anymore, I had to write more for them and give them longer lives. So here it is.)

Okay, so I'm awful with summaries and cannot even begin to make these stories sound interesting, but, quite honestly, I've worked extremely hard on them and I believe that, though the summaries do not illustrate it, they are definitely worth reading. Please give them a try and tell me what you think!

A Bit About Me:

If one were to describe me... I'm a writer and completely unclassifiable in any way, so I won't even try. I work mainly with fantasy, considering the past two years of my life have been dedicated to writing, rewriting, re-rewriting, and completely restarting my He Was a King series, which isn't really a series at all since it's only a two-parter. And yet it still needs work. Such a shame...

I wish I had more time to write, but what with classes and all, it can get difficicult. But I do my best, and anything that seems interesting to me always runs through my head, which means that half the time I can't pay attention in class anyway. College can be killer, but this next semester shouldn't be too bad and I'll do what I can to finish stories I've started as soon as I can.

Basically I have no life other than what I write and only a portion of what I do ends up online, but if you see something you like, please let me know so I can know what to continue, if anything. In the meantime, I will try to get more of a variety up so I at least have something for most people to enjoy.

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