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January 6th, 2010. I'm planning a big year for writing. Currently debating whether I should post the prologue here at FP, (which is just about done) despite the fact the whole novel will be at Live journal. Pretty pointless when you think about it...Still it might wet somebodies appetite. I'll post the link to the journal, somewhere. But I think this is the best way to do it. I should post some of my short stories though. We'll see how that goes.

September 08th, 2008. I'm taking Pyrelani down for good, which is a shame cause I've gotten some nice feedback so far. I've currently written 17 out of 40 chapters and fully intend on finishing it still, but no one shall be able to read it in it's current state I'm afraid. Thanks to those who reviewed. (And apologies to the two of you who have it on your favourite's list. laughs)


Novel length-fantasy-epic (eventual series) may be taken down indefinitely, but that isn't to say I won't be posting here anymore. I have written some stuff since I was last here. Stuff of the 'short story' variety. Perhaps I'll type em up for strangers to scrutinize once more. So here are the current working titles and summaries of said stories that may appear in the future...

-A Family Affair- Is a short story about a group of eight powerful gods, arriving for a grand banquet, which is to be their last meal before they part. During the evening many things are discussed such as the loss of their brother who has come as close to death as any of them has kown, as well as another's loss of sanity and growing danger to himself, painful memories of scorned love, deep longing and secret plans from three in particular, willing to risk all consequences for a chance to return home.

-A Carriage Ride South- A one shot...possible two shot about a young Queen, newly re-married, traveling with her family to meet with the heads of the other nations. It's basically about appreciating what you have, even if it's not what you originally wanted. It's also about little halfbreed girls using their powers for less than honorable purposes. Haha! (Ties in with my Pyrelani series.)

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