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November 19th, 2020. Wow. I remembered I had this account. Just updating my profile for the moment. Currently in the middle of writing several projects. Will hopefully post some of them here at some stage.

January 6th, 2010. I'm planning a big year for writing. Currently debating whether I should post the prologue here at FP, (which is just about done) despite the fact the whole novel will be at Live journal. Pretty pointless when you think about it...Still it might wet somebodies appetite. I'll post the link to the journal, somewhere. But I think this is the best way to do it. I should post some of my short stories though. We'll see how that goes.



Pyrelani -

Kas, a body bagger helps a prisoner escape his cell, only to find himself wrapped up in a rebellion with elf royals, people who can commune with animals, and a dryad seeking an end to the nightmares plaguing her and her sisters.

Children of Gods -

The sequel to Pyrelani. Set around 30 years after the first series. Four mortals, revealed to be Champions for the Gods of Pyrelani, are tasked to end a conflict threatening to undo the world, much to all of their.

Dreamwalkers -

Mae, a young girl, finds herself wandering down paths of the Dreamscape, where she meets an enigmatic man who seeks her help to restore the 100's of lands that grow from it.

Dreamweavers -
sequel to Dreamwalkers

Faerie Parts -

Jeret is a mortal ward of Queen Lorlaine of the Ivory Court of Faeries. He is also a murderer, having just accidentally killed his brother. This revelation confirms to Jeret that the blood curse attached to the royal family may also extend to him. Jeret finds himself acting as an envoy to the Ivory Court and sets out to escort one of his other brothers, Prince Eidelburgh, to meet his betrothed, and thereby unite two faerie kingdoms. Upon arrival to the Court of Dandelions, The current reigning Queen convinces Jeret to journey to the city of iron, to retrieve a piece of her husbands stolen heart, or face her very real threat of exposing him.

Ozma -

A 12 yo boy and his magically brought to life pumpkin headed scarecrow are on the run for murder. There they meet a 16yo Dorothy Gale, who wishes to seek out the King of Oz at the centre of a looming war.

Broken Wings -
In the middle of an apocalyptic storm, an angel falls from heaven into the backyard of an artist, struggling to keep his family afloat. The story is about their budding relationship, and all the problems associated with dating a supernatural being.

Wake Me Up -

A high school boy wakes up one day to find his life has dramatically and inexplicably changed around him.


Cold Death of Night -
Of Flame and Glory -
Fly By Nights -


Bury Me In Bulrushes -
The Price of Ambition -
Birds Eye View -
Uncharted Waters -

A Carriage Ride South -
The Gods Feast -

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Kas, a body bagger, helps a prisoner escape his cell and finds himself wrapped up in a rebellion with elf royals, people who can commune with animals, and a dryad seeking an end to the nightmares plaguing her and her sisters. Kas must discover new skills and learn to manage careful relationships as Pyrelani suffers increasing environmental damage.
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