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Hi! I'm Mg and I found out about this site from a friend. I have some stories on if you want to check them out. I enjoy writing stories and poetry and I have gotten some good comments from people. But, then again, they are my friends and family. If you like what you read or don't like it, I would appreciate reviews and comments.

Age: 15

Grade: it's summer: i'll be in 10th soon

State: Florida (used to be in New York)

future husband: W. Axl Rose (so sexy) http:///img/babi1.jpg *drool*

Hobbies: Writng, reading, hanging out with friends, singing, family, guitar, babysitting...

Music: Pearl Jam, Creed, Metallica, Guns n' Roses,Ozzy Osborne,Motley Crue, Jimmy Hendrix, Aerosmith, AC/DC
, Queen, Velvet Revolver (Basically I'm a Metal Head)

Current song: "Purple Haze" Jimmy Hendrix

Current tv show: King of the Hill

Current sites: fictionpress and illwillpress (hehe. I love Foamy)

current smell: I can't smell, i got a cold

current book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

current movie: Star Wars III (i cant wait to see it!)

Influences and Roots: Hmmm Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe

Things I hate-

1)Nirvana (I know a lot of people hate me for this but... come... on. I mean, I hear all the time that they are the "number one band" but seriously, I could think of like twenty bands that are better. Kirk has been dead for like thirteen years now, you all could stop morning his death. Sheesh. He's dead... get over it... let the man rest in peace... METALLICA ROCKS!!!!)
2. Britney Spears (slut)
3. Christina Agulera(slut)
4) EMINEM (If I ever see him, I'll shoot him in the head... and watch his blood fall with sooo much happiness. He sings about killing his mom and his ex-wife. *To eminem* "Yeah, maybe life can be tough, but that dosen't mean you could sing songs like that. That just isn't right" He has so much to complain about but makes millions. It isn't his place to act like that. He has no right to do that and should be arrested, or in my opinion, killed)
5) 50 CENT (He should be shot again.*sarcastic* Wow, he's a wanna-be gangsta. Yeah he is soooo tough. He's all talk just to let you know.)
6)chingy (Another wanna-be)
7) Beyonce (she is too popular and in my opinion her music isn't that great.)
8) Rap ("Rap is the toughest type of music" Yeah right. Rap is nothing compared to metal. Just picture... 50 Cent and OZZY Osbourne in a fight. hmmm who would win. 50 cent would be cowering in a corner)
9) pop (sniggers... sluts)
10) hip-hop (do I have to say anything else?)
11) Orlando Bloom lovers (there are just toooooo many and besides, next to Viggo Mortenson, Orlando isn't that great.)
12) sluts (I'll kill em all)
13) valleygirls (I'll kill em all)
14) cheerleaders (I'll kill em all)
15) People who get on my nerves (which is just about everybody)
16) People who make me angry (which is just about everybody)
17) Sleep
18) People who don't eat because they think they are fat (Why? There is food in front of you so eat it... or I will. Besides, most of them are super skinny)
19) Preps (I'll kill em all)
20) miniskirts (BLAH! DISGUSTING!)
21) People who abuse their children. (You can't get lower then that.)
22) The fact that my grandmother just had two heart attacks.
23) The fact that I am moved to flordia

24) rednecks

25) country

26) anti-gay people

I hope that none of this has hurt anyone. If it has, I didn't intend it to.*

I shall continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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