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So, I'm just going to say I'm on h i a t u s because I just haven't had the time to update. However, I do intend to continue CPA so don't give up on me. :

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I am officially a horrible person. I feel so bad for not updating CPA. I've just been so busy that I haven't had the time to really work on the next chapter. Sure I could quickly throw something together, but I'd much rather give you something well written than just crap I scribbled. This weekend is the latest it will be up. I already have it started. I'm also going to try and catch up on reviewing too. I haven't been reading too many stories lately~

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Sorry I haven't been really reviewing people and such lately. I've been super busy this week. I'm hoping to have another chapter up this weekend but if I don't I'm very sorry. I'll try to, but I haven't even started it yet. So yea

Why, h e l l o there

Wow, I haven't been on in forever. I'm so incredibly sorry. I actually had people who liked my stories and then I left them hanging. D: Anyways, I'm back~

-insert cheering here-

Guess what?

It's been awhile which means that I've gotten better at writing, and I have a new story. Exciting, no? But for old times sake I will keep BbaS up.

I won't really be updating it though. So if you're looking for something to read I would suggest CPA instead.

I'll be trying to update it every week.

a b o u t m e

Well, as you can probably guess my name is Jessica. I'm a seventeen year old girl that's a junior in high school.
Obviously, I love to write. I've been writing random stories for a long time.
I joined this website a long time ago, and then basically quit, but I'm back.

a b o u t m y s t o r i e s


I absolutely love this story. It originally started as a guild on gaia and I finally decided to turn it into a story. So far it's gotten a lot of good feedback which really makes me happy. I'll be focusing on this story, and if you are visiting my profile this is definitely the one I suggest you read.


Oh, please don't read this story. It's so old and cliche. Honestly, I won't be updating it for a long time, if at all. I'm just keeping it up because I can't delete it. Maybe eventually I'll go back and work on it, but as of now I really am just going to focus on CPA.

With every review I write, I type in 'Pay It Forward', this is to encourage people to spread reviews. When someone reviews someone I think it's important to return reviews. That being said, I always try to return reviews. So, I may always try to return reviews but I've realized I don't really reply.
That being said, I'm going to start working on replying to reviews.

Oh and if you want to watch a funny video

Watch this

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