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Author has written 16 stories for Manga, Supernatural, General, Life, Horror, and Song.

I'm an amateur writer with no experience so far and Fiction Press is the one place I hope to gain insight at where my writing skills ranked.

So, please keep sending those reviews to me :) Any form of comments are welcome.

Currently the stories posted here:-

Tales from the Devil's Cafe: Short centric tales which are interelated to one another. It explores the darker emotions in mankind.

Soulful Desires is a host club based story, it sort of resembled Yuki Shimizu's Love Mode since I got the idea for this fiction from there initially. Basically there are multiple pairings throughout the story but my main pairing happens to be Hayashibara Souza (owner of Raison D'etre) and Koyama Kizuhara. In the mean time, I'm still writing a side story for it and hope to get it done soon...

Dark Ties contained both Shoujo and Shonen-ai elements; best of all it's a supernatural fic that involves vampire and other night creatures included. Vladimir, Siena, Alexia, and Kale are some of my adored characters but I wish to further explore and extend the characteristics of everyone in order to make them more appealing to readers.

Tales of Emotions is a collection of arcs regarding romance as its main theme; momentarily this story is on hiatus but I'm hoping to get it back soon. It will be a waste to just put it aside...

Current progress:-

Spirits Haunt

Dark Ties

Tales from the Devil's Cafe

Soulful Desires

Besides Fiction Press, I have one Gravitation fic posted on and it's been a while since I last updated that one. Mentioning about fanfiction, go check out my friend's (Kaede Yuki) FAKE fics; she's an excellent writer, much better than I am. She also has two stories posted here titled Out of Time and Ethereal Haven; you can search for them under the manga category and author name (Shinrei Yukiya).

Well then, have fun reading :)

Sinful Fantasies by obsidianstars reviews
Yaoi MM After being disgraced at a local host club by the prestigious Bishop Lanson, Calla host, meets him again one year later where Bishop soon finds himself concerned about Calla's obscure past.
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Dear patron, have a seat order a cup of tea or our special blend of dark roast. Perhaps you will like me to recommend a delectable dessert from our daily special? Please make yourself comfortable as I relinquish stories of wonders from the Devil's Cafe.
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My personal opinion of it.
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