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Okay. I've had this account for a long time now...3 or 4 years? I've finally returned after a lot of thought. I really believe that I love writing so I have to continue. Over the time that I haven't been active here, I did a lot of revision and just...thought about what writing means to me and how I can take this understanding and deliver it to other people.

I've been doing more one-shots lately out of the blue, but I think I enjoy writing one-shots. Not to say that long plots are beyond me.

I'm 20 now.

What I've written and my thoughts on them:

Dahke's Story

This is my first completed story that I wrote when I was fifteen--five years ago--so my thoughts on it have changed. I don't really like how there are so many holes in the plot, but I definitely like the message. It was just...I was fifteen. For those of you who are fifteen or younger, don't be offended by my words. I'm just saying that as a fifteen year old, I really didn't plan for the holes in the plot well enough. I had heaps of fun writing it because I wrote it in such a quick sequence, but I guess it wasn't very complex...and it really doesn't hit a chord with me now like it did back then. But still. A part of me loved it. I feel like I can see the growth from then.


I wrote this on impulse because so much jargon was floating in my head. So many thoughts about how corrupted relationships were just crowded my mind. It was a devastating relationship between two people who understood love but were unable to be on the same page. The concept of Coma wasn't that the guy was medically ill--he was just sleeping so deep, letting himself to be blind...well--read it. I was very...satisfied. It's really very simple, but at the same time, a lot of people can connect with the message because at some point of the passages, you can really just see yourself in their shoes if you've been in a relationship. BUT, if you don't know much about love (like me), you can still relate because you've heard these stories so many times. I feel that it's a common story, but it's a refreshing insight on broken relationships.

The Tiger (now temporarily taken off for translation purposes)

This is my love child. I've carried the flame of this story and its meanings with me for many years now and it's taken me a long time to put it into words. I've been writing it on and off for about one and a half years, editing and revising it. There's only a few more chapters left. It will finish with 29 chapters. I'm a bit stumped right now but I encourage you all to read it. Suma is my perfect role model who is sooo flawed and so lonely that it's hard not to relate. The friendships...the bonds...the striking essence of family. I love it. Please enjoy it and keep a part of Suma within you.

Also, this is the story that made me rethink the cliches. It made me understand that depth doesn't come easily. As authors, we have to build it. Characters are the way they are because of their past. And they change daily, little by little. By the end of the story, you have to remember that your characters aren't the same as when you began to tell their stories.

With this story, I created characters that worked together to make up for one another's faults but eventually, those faults that they all worked to overcome were exploited because that's how life is. You can't always rely on other people no matter how much you want to or need to. Bad or weak characteristics can bring out the best or the worst in people. I'm over thinking but truly...truly. The Tiger has made my heart twinge sometimes...because the emotions feel so real.

Must read. Not only so that I feel better but because it's a story that needs to be read and understood. My gang theory is pretty sloppy but it's about more than that so bear with me. Thank you to the readers who have read this and loved it.


Another one-shot of mine. It's an exploration of emotions. It's simple, meant to draw you in with its few words. A simple story of unrequited love and facing reality, even if it hurts. At first, I didn't like this at all because it was so cliche but I've found myself growing fonder of it. It's nice, in its own way. Artful, almost. If any of you enjoyed Coma, this will hopefully tug your heartstrings too.

Stay Still for Me

Another one-shot about two people trapped by circumstance and wanting to fight against their fates but resigned to it. I feel like it's something that needs a few reads to pick up on the unsaid things.

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