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HI!! My name is Jessica, if, for some strange reason, you were wondering...I've been writing my little stories for years, pretty much ever since I could...somewhat...spell...
Almost all of the stories I put up here will, probably, be in a little series I'm writing...a few people read them and told me I should publish them...so here I am...
I love anime...fantasy, all that kind of stuff...drawing, poetry, horror stories...and //sighs// I'm a Yaoi fanatic...and if you know what that means, //nods head// yes...I don't know why either...

I'm also into Sci-Fi stuff...I play the flute, French horn, piccolo, piano, and (if that wasn't enough) the clarinet also...I sing, and of course I'm a bit of a comedian...I love making people laugh so hard they have to leave the room...and I do have a bit of a perverted mind...and I'm just a tad of a sadistic writer...
warning if you do read one of my stories, I suggest you are at least thirteen, since some parts...may...scar younger children...the whole torture thing, mostly...some characters just plain deserve it, I swear! smiles evilly
If you haven't guessed, I'm a girl...I live in the country (trees, mountains, the whole bit) of New York...I'm currently twenty-one...a good student, even if I do get in trouble quite a bit...I love in school suspension...and if you like my stories, read the stories I have put up on Fanfiction.com...my name's Kanemoshi...if ya couldn't guess...and I am also on deviantart.com...Martianchild, if you want to check out my drawings and stuff...I'm starting to draw illustrations for my stories, and when I do finish them, I'll put them up there!
Thank you for reading my stories, and please review...even if it is to flame my ass to hell, it proves people actually read them!!

Anyways...soon I'm going to start putting up this novel (trilogy so far...thingy) that I'm writing...the few people that read it say it's great...just, twisted in numerous ways...so I hope you people like it!! //sighs// even though no one reads my stuff anyways...

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