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Hello everyone and Welcome to xxCrazyPeoplexx!
xxCrazyPeoplexx is an organization of four young females, help yourself to our bios!

((Kimiri's Bio))

"I'm not mean. You're just a sissy."
-Happy Bunny Patch

Okay, my name on this website is Kimiri. I generally do not write on this website, but when I do it's more so for this profile than my other profile. However, if you are generally interested on reading my stories (and if you love marching band stories) you can check out of mySomewei profile!

On xxCrazyPeoplexx, I tend to specialize on the action adventure and drama portion of the story - unlike my other co-author's who specialize more on humor. The characters I have created so far that have appeared either in our stories or in NPB4ever's stories are: Natasha, Kimiri, Myra, Kiri, and Ryou. You can notice a trend that they are, in fact, my characters. My characters appear to be either really sarcastic or have fierce tempers.

You can view their small profiles on my Kimiri account here on FictionPress. The more lengthy character designs and bios will probaby be on my Deviant Art account. A lot of story cover pages, fanart and character designs will be on the website.

If you wish to know anything more about me or news about my stories, please check out my Somewei profile! I often update it.

Hugs and Kisses,


.:Rika's Section!:.

Hello Everyone! I'm Rika, nice ta meet ya!


Name: -- -- --


Loves: STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!! And Dir en Grey...and J-Music...and...GACKT! and...Naito. And Pierrot. and Dir en Grey.

Hates: Math! sometimes

Favorite Colors: Blue, red, black (Darker shades)

MM color: pink

Favorite drinks: Dr. Pepper &Gatorade (one in hand at the moment)

Nick names: Rika, Ri, Arika, Mika, (O.o lots of ikas!) Kikari, Meguri, Reggie, Yume, Jessie, Rina, NPB4Ever...

Specialties: Originals. Humor! (Check out Fate and us..., it's pretty long and it has 5 parts too, so yah...)

Fiction Press Name: NPB4Ever

Fan Fiction Name: AnimeFreak4Ever

.:Other Things to Know:.

Oh, believe it or not, I am the source of all the crazy ideas here, and so is my partner Lee. Although Nao did think of some crazy things... oh well, yeah, I am the craziest! Utterly insane sadly. Oh NPB stands for Nasty Perverted Bitch. Now ya know. And yes, you can call me NPB or the whole thing, I don't mind really! .~ Oh, and other than writing my free time is taken up by playing my flute, it's messed up to tell you the truth, but it plays a B flat pretty well. The truth is that all my previous math teachers got along with me pretty horribly... yah, Weiss kinda went crazy and Allender is already crazy...oh well, if you're a math teacher watch out!!!!!!

Yah...I have no life really other than bugging the hell outa everyone and writing and stuff... now you know to never cross my path. Okay, I'm outta here! Peace!

JELLY INSIRE!!!!!!!! lol and Bermuda shorts too.

.:That's it for Me!:.

~Naoko's Section~

Hey its Naoko here!



Hates: people in my face, Math

MewMew color: Orange and yellow (also my fav colors)

Nick Names: Naoko, Cathedria, Gin, grand master Robin lol

Element: water

Chinese element: Fire (yeah really good combo if you want to make smoke)


Birthday: My birthday is July 21

WhatI look like: geta picture of Robin from Witch Hunter Robin and yeah there's me

WhatI like: I like to watch Wolf's Rain, Geneshaft, Banner of the stars, Cowboy Bebop, etc.

WhatI dont like:
1. repeating myself more then once.
2. having people ask question about my braces.
3. when people have nothing else to talk about besides Orlando Bloom.
4. the anime Lain

Favorite Anime:
1. Geneshaft
2. Banner of the Stars
3. Gundam Seed
4. Witch Hunter Robin

Favorite Historical people (all of them are Trojan War people):
1. Cassandra of Troy
2. Paris of Troy
3. Hector of Troy
4. Achilles
5. Andrmache
6. Polyxena
7. Briseis
8. Helen of Sparta

Story Specialty:
1. Blood and Gore (yeah taste the action)

1. Kendo

Fav Actors and Actress:
1. Brad Pitt
2. Orlando bloom (He's okI guess)
3. Rose Byrne (She is in the movie Troy)
4. Diane Kruger (also in Troy)
5. Uma Therman
6. Angelina Jolie
7. the girls in the OC that plays Summer (i think she would make a great Morgan Le Fay if anyone makes a movie about King Authur)

~ twiddle Dee for now ~

Lee's Section


Name: tra la la
Age: 15
Birthday: August 14, 1990
Likes: Anime, Sweets, Gay people, Drawing, Cute Animals, Video games, Manga, Books, People who aren't haters, DVDS, Rock music, Synth pop, Dance/Electronica, Skateland when they don't play rap, J-rock, J-pop, The Internet, The fact she has over 70 mangas, The fact Beth has almost 90 mangas,When her room isn't 50 degrees when she walks in, Her 6 stuffed animal penguins, Penguins, When people say she's not quiet, When people acknowledge her existence, When she is not ignored (Yes, I have issues), Laughing, Reading a very entertaining story, Japanese culture, Naive people, Guys with long and pretty hair, The fact that some guys are prettier than girls in every way, When her computer is not being stupid, Nickelback, The fact that the Target symbol looks like the Alchemic symbol for Hydrogen, Physco le Cemu, Fluffy pictures, When the word fluffy is used correctly in a sentence, Pierrot, Dir en Grey, L'arc~en~ciel, Learning Japanese, When she knows what people are talking about, The fact she has no life, Not having a life, Target, Food and eating 3 meals a day, When people know what agnostic means, Very well-drawn fanart, Looking at pictures, The fact people look at her like she's a freaking weirdo, The words mousy(Nothing to do with mice!),onamatapoeia,justice, and flupping, Trapt, Linkin Park, Japanese Steet Fashion.

Dislikes: Rap ( I blame my middle school ), Screamo with an uber passion, HATERS, When Skateland plays Rap music, When Skateland is crowded, When Skateland is crowded and plays rap music, Cooked carrots, Snotty and Stuck-up Cheerleaders, Probably Cheerleaders in general, The fact that some people are total assholes, Overly stupid people, Those people who kept trying to copy off of her in Bio, When her computer is being stupid, When people ignore her, When people do not acknowledge her existence,When people write stories that are all scrunched together and are really hard to read, Those people who sit in front of Target dressed up as Santa at Christmas time with those weird pot things and ask for change for some random organiztion to cure some disease or something, When people say she's quiet, The fact La Serna gets hardly any money for the Music and Theatrical Arts sections, When people tellher friends they're out-of-shape, When people say the word Manga incorrectly, Those overly overly overly obsessed anime lovers who plaster pictures on their folders along with only talking about anime and give us anime peoples a very bad reputation, People who are snotty,obnoxious,rude,overly-arrogant,just flat out assholes,or have no life to the point they bug and make fun of other people almost constantly, When she doesn't know what people are talking about, When people stare, The fact she didn't stand up for herself when she was younger, The fact she has hardly any shirts that fit right, The fact she might have a low blood-sugar problem, Having a life, Green beans, Any green vegetable besides lettuce and cabbage, When people ask her if she is atheist after she says she is agnostic because they don't know what it means, When she does't have a whole series of books or mangas when she only has a few, When people twist what she says into something else.

Favorite Color(s):White,Silver, Gold, GREEN!
Favorite Food: Ice cream or anything sweet
Personality: I'm uberely 2 sided ( Nice, yet insane )
Nicknames: Lee, Kitsune, Lee Lee, Koorihana, Pokey, Doorway to Insanity, Yoshimi, Wee squared


Shattered Souls
Prologue is up! We're rewriting chapter 1 and 2 and will post it as soon as possible.

Tomato and the Potato
Uh...last chapter up as soon as I get a chance to type it.


2006 News

Hey people, as soon as Mika gets boo-tay in gear, Chapter 1 of Shattered Souls will be updated. Trust me, it's done and everything, it's just a matter of updating it. MIKA UPDATE IT!

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