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my name is caroline. i am seventeen. i listen to radiohead, primus, mogwai, the mars volta, damien rice, sigur ros, pink floyd, the doors, the velvet underground, and other such things. i like to write when i'm fucked up. i like to write about getting fucked up. i like to write fucked up things. basically, i just like to write. i drink many types of tea and massive amounts of coffee. i also paint and draw.

i like to read about the same things i write about. i like romantic tragedies. i enjoy clever, edgy stories about sex, love, and drugs.

i also have a liking for mexicans... but not the illegal ones that build houses...

i overdosed on ecstasy once. blue airplanes and yellow dinosaurs, i think that's what i took. i almost died. it was pretty weird. i went to the hospital and they gave me a bunch of xanax. i was in there for about three days. i almost went into cardiac arrest. i haven't done it since, although i've wanted to. i'm kind of afraid to again, just because i'm afraid i might get back to a point where i overdo it again and then end up actually dying this time. i should be dead right now. but... i used to do a lot of it everyday. i went to rehab, and they classified me as a "trashcan junkie" because i didn't have a drug of choice... i just did whatever i could get my hands on.

but i've pretty much chilled out in the drug department, mainly because i go back to rehab for a year if i get caught again...

i still do things, but only when it's a sure thing that i can get away with it.

my mom used to make me go to AA meetings. it was kind of weird. the people there would always talk about how bad drugs were, and i'd be sitting in the back actually on drugs... i don't go to meetings anymore, though. not my thing.

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drugs enhance sex, while sex enhances drugs.
Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 119 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/19/2006 - Complete