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Empty Pages and Blank Photographs: It started off a simple story by Gothendergirl666, Jet*Star, and Teresz, but turned into a role play that took over our lives and took off. It's kinda like a living world...apart from our own, that teaches us, and provides something like an escape from reality...

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Rachel Anne Levine(Gothendergirl666) jusk8rgrl

Kenaz Marcee Krizan(Teresz) SetABLayze

Amythest JadeThomas (Jet*Star)

Twister (Kay and Victoria) Cammykid37

Chrysta (Amy L and Teresz) ChRysTa0b3An

Denny (Teresz)

Patty (Teresz)
Bruce (Teresz)
David (Gothendergirl666) WorstNitemare425

Tammy (Teresz) zxVo0do0xz

Ben (Teresz)

Marie (Gothendergirl666)

Jeremy (Kristina) r0ck73h4rc4d3

Alexis (Kristina) Ba5sAddicT

Rosalyn (Rachel)

Aden (Rachel)

Clark (Teresz)

Chad (Teresz)

Mario (Teresz)

Thane (Jayme)
*Xandra (Rinn) MeLoDyS0fSiLeNcE

Ally S. (Audra)

Andrew Stinger (Teresz)
James (Gothendergirl666)

Mrs. Levine and Mr Levine (Victoria)

Lerik (Audra)

Deacon (Tom)

Kathy and Richard (Jet*Star)

Greg Krizan(Teresz)

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SEASON ONE: June TO August 1, 2003: Kenaz Krizan and Rachel Levine have been best friends for 10 years now, and Rachel has always had part of her wanting more. One summer they go to Miami and meet Amythest and Twister, two trouble-making best friends, sparks fly between Amy and Ken and before you know it, their summer is turned into a twisted love web.

SEASON TWO: August 2, 2003 TO January 21, 2004: Just when they thought the summer had gone, and a new chapter had begun, their senior year of highschool, a certain memory of the summer is brought back and Amythest Jade stays in their lives. Now, back in the usual territory, Kenaz and Rachel begin their senior year, and everyone's true personalities begin to make a not-so-wonderful appearance. With some new friends, and new problems, the plot line thickens.

SEASON THREE: January 23, 2004 TO March 16, 2004:

SEASON FOUR: March 17, 2004 TO May 26 2004: Spring break leads to so many new revelations and so many more decisions that would change everyone's life forever. Senior year is winding down, and prom, graduation, and everything is fastly approaching. People learn here, that not all good things last forever...

SEASON FIVE: May 27, 2004 TO August 16, 2004 The last few months beforesome of thebiggest stepsin their lives...

SEASON SIX: August 22 2004 TO November 28, 2004 The end of the summer time, the moves are made, the lives are changed, the lessons are learned, now, how will they cope? College begins, new friends, new challenges...ah, 'tis only the beginning!

SEASON SEVEN: November 29, 2004TO February 20, 2005: A slow downspiral...

SEASON EIGHT: February 21, 2005 TO June 16, 2005: ...really unable to be explained...

Season One reviews
Coauthors:Teresz, Gothendergirl666, JetStar: A single trip to miami...sparks fly and four teens' summer is turned into a twisted web. A look into the lives of these teens, and the way a single day changed their lives forever.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 17 - Words: 50,355 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/2/2008 - Published: 5/30/2005