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Author has written 4 stories for Life, Friendship, Romance, and General.

This account is dedicated to all yaoi/ shonen ai work I do. At the moment that means... nothing.

HOWEVER! I do have some stuff in the works. Here's a brief summary:

No Title Yet: Devon is a psych major who is given an assignment- pick a person and analyze their psyche from afar, then introduce yourself and interveiw them to see how accurate your perceptions are. Joseph is an aspiring writer with a job as a cook at a Japanese restaurant. Both have reached confusing points in life and need someone to lean on. A really detailed summary has been written for this one, and I'm planning on writing it out as soon as I get the time/energy. My fanfiction is top priority right now though.

Also no title yet: This one's still a bit sketchy, a plot bunny which I've been trying to put on paper for a while. (Curses on my homophobic family! It's sooo much easier to type than write things out, but alas... I cannot let my father see this!) This one's shojo ai, which is a bit weird to write, for a straight girl. Anyhow, this one will be a 'finding yourself' story, about two girls, one of whom is openly bi and one who is a straight, Christian schoolgirl type. Samantha, the bi girl, is struggling to control her newly found telepathic powers, when she 'sees' the aura of Rebecca, the 'schoolgirl type.' She is captivated. In the meantime, Becca's thinking that no girl should be allowed to ooze sex the way Sammie does, and is scared to death of her 'friends' finding out her newly discovered preferences.

Figure you out- Title may change, songfic to Nickelback's 'Figure you out' Should be an okay fic if I manage to put the images in my head down on paper correctly. UPDATE!: 3/26: wrote a plot outline... I'm scared of writing actual citrus...

Uploaded Charming the Devil today. A poem inspired by a friend's screen name as well as my parents overbearing personalities.

As far as fanfiction goes, I'm working really intensely on a Draco/Hermione (Harry Potter, for those few illiterates out there) fic (yes, it's possible to write both hetero and slash folks!), which is turning out to be a major project. I've been working on it for six months now, and I'm about half through... I think. Also, I have one DuoxHeero fic which needs reposting on I'll get that done eventually, as well.

Check me out on my other penname, peanutilover, if you're looking for some morbid poetry or family fun hetero fluff.

You know how sometimes, you see something, and it just won't go away? Like, a weird cloud, or a funky looking homeless guy, or a really pretty girl? Or you hear a song, and in your head, you just can;t help but want to write a songfic for it? I mean, it's like, it's already written down in my head,and all I have to do is type it. But I can't! Because number one, my family are a bunch of homophobes, and number two, I don't have time! It's a curse, I tell you, and I can't deal with it! Someone save me!

Random thought:
What if mirrors are actually windows into another world, where everything is exactly opposite ours? And if that's true.. Then do we control their world, or do they control ours? Do they even have anything to do with one another at all?

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