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what to say? i have no idea, lol. i'm always busy now, what with work, college and keeping people happy. if anyone has the time, make sure to read the Oedipus plays by Sophecles. it's great, and quite good.

About me: Long dark hair, dark eyes, pale-ish skin, ummm...5'4". I cant think right now.

Animals: tigers, wolves, peregrine falcons, spider monkeys.

fictional races: Elves

Books: Xanth Series by Piers Anthony http:///xanth.html

Movies: Practical Magic, Moulon Rouge, Sleeping Beauty, The 10th Kingdom, Ella Enchanted, (Shoot me again) The Princess diaries series, Center Stage, and Simply Irresistible. Oh, and The Chronicals of Riddick. THE HOLIDAY!!! YOU MUST SEE!

Music: Papa Roach, AFI, Panic! at the disco,Good charolette, Queen, Bad Company, Def Leopard, Evenesence, Simple Plan, Etc.

Food: Pizza, Carrots, (I know, weird) apples, ice cream, spegettie (the best!), steak, can't think of anything else.

Laguage: French. I'm planning to be a french teacher when i get older.

And my frineds: Kayla, Shay, Barry, Kam, Katy, all of you, i love yas!

To all my viewers: You're the best!

I cant think of anything else, though I probably will later on.

I have the most amazing boyfriend named Austin.

He he he! Au Revoir! Au Bentôt! Later!!

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Twenty five over by Eve Lindsey reviews
25kg stands between Cody and Mr Popularity. After a cruel prank, she changes her life and loses it, but is it too late for her to realise that beauty is only skin deep?
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When tragedy stikes, Cassandra is forced to leave her simple life behind. Unknowingly she walks arm in arm with her enemy and becomes the greatest assassin the land has ever known. Will Prince Alexander, her childhood rival, help her to see the truth?
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ON HIATUS WILL BE COMPLETED. David Weston: the arrogant playboy. Samantha Spade: the quiet, sarcastic one. They get along like fire and ice. But the person Sam detests most is the best man to show her what it feels like to love and be loved
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Royal Trepidations by AngelofArtemis reviews
It was a time of mages and danger, of princes and demons, of love and betrayal. A time when an ancient evil resurrected itself and two childhood enemies must come together to save Gaeron from a force that once almost destroyed it. Is there love in hate?
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Prince Aden, refusing to marry any women picked out for him, sets out on a journey to find his soulmate. Unfortunately, he has no clue where she lives or if she knows he exists! How is this possible you may ask? She is the girl of his dreams, literally!
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She fell, but never hit the ground as she expected. Instead, Laura is thrown into another world where she meets a brooding young man and is forced into a quest that she has no idea of her importance in: she is the Lady Madrigal, and destined to die.
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Whan Sharla Mae wakes up, she's in this strange dream land where she's given the mission to rescue a town. with the help of 5 strong princes, something may sprout. Welcome to Phreadreem. Know that if you wish for it, it will happen... Please Review!
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Romantically Challenged by tweeties reviews
Celeste is a loser at her school for the immortal. Constantly on the rampaging war with the werewolves. After a fight with their leader, Logan, she is submitted to the worst punnishment ever: to stay in his company twenty four seven for a month.
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Josephine Forbes has been cursed. When she is thrown into her snotty, popular cousin's body, she must find a way to get back before the spell is made permanent. How to break the curse? Find true love. The catch? She has two weeks to do it.
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Uncharmed by Lauren DM Smith reviews
Formerly What Kind of Charm. A chance encounter at a party changes Ella's life forever. Now she finds herself caught up in a world she knew nothing about all because of the irritating vampire Alex and his refusal to go away and leave her alone. Complete.
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Kissing Toads by Sari Eufemia reviews
OK, Toads do NOT kiss in this story, it´s a princess who thinks low on guys, 'till she meets the mysterious knight...yet, the thing is he can't understand her, and why is she so scared of fires? Can they share a secret phobia?
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She was a maid, a waitress, a girl dreaming of her aspirations- all-in-all, an independent sort until she decided to dump mop water on his head...
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The extremely hot prince and marriage looming in the distance. Happily Ever After? Since when did that exist in Rhian's vocabulary. Now she has to become queen of Reise. Sequel to Princes are Evil. For a better summary, look at my profile!
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Cursed from birth to bring destruction and death to whatever place she calls home, Desdemona is not your typical princess. Dark, handsome Trystus, a rebel gypsy, and Apollo, a golden-haired slave owner are not typical princes. Atypical fairy tail ensues.
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Sabrina is a beautiful and intelligent girl with one problem. She is never happy in relationships, although she has her pick of nearly every guy she wants. It takes a particularly nasty breakup for her to see that the right boy is where she least expects.
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Sydney is being held hostage because of her brother’s business. The two men holding her, one is nice and the other she hates with a passion but there’s more to it then that. Is it crazy to fall for the man that kidnapped you? complete
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A young girl gets in a car wreck and is in a coma... only not really. She is really off in another land on some epic destiny that will decide the fate of two worlds.
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Skylar is a billionaire,cute,funny,out going and pratically has everything besides a bf but its kind of hard to get a bf when your a girl dressed up as a guy
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Medieval times gangster girl + young soldier out to get her = T-R-O-U-B-L-E Every author's plead- read and review, thanks but i am terrible at simaries, lol
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Forever More by Red Pollard reviews
King Arthur and his knights are off on a journey to regain their freedom from the Romans but from a freak accident of somehow, Kera is transported back in time to them after following a strange person that killed her parents. Lancelot/Kera! Please R&R.
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A Dragon's Bride by PhoenixFireWing reviews
In this world Dragon's rule, and often take human maidens to be their brides. One maiden not only refuses to go with hands folded and head bowed to such a fate, she acctually dares to say she will not go at all! The only problem is that Skylar, the Dragon
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Once Upon a Washcloth by KissMeQuickly reviews
[ON HOLD] Brooke, a common girl, goes to work at the palace where Prince Nicholas lives. She isn't very happy about this arrangement, but what can she do? Curse at him, for one... (Some bad language, so beware)
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No More Constant by Slayer Sheng Yuis reviews
Shy and new in school, Lain's infatuation for the most popular boy is quickly turned to hurt. But she finds comfort and solace in the most unexpected place: a werewolf.
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Silver reviews
The lost baby girl of an evil Elvin queen is found by a good prince only to leave her world at age seven to come to ours. Ten years later, she returnes to her world and meets up with the prince and another, along the way finding out who she really is and
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