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My name is April. Usually I sign my poetry and writing April Rose (damn, I wish that pen name hadn't been taken) and it used to be The Silenced Angel (because I was 13 and very weird back then...though I have to say I'm still pretty weird). I'm 16 right now and poetry is basically my life. I have a lot saved on my computer and I will have them all up very shortly. The four oldest things on here are from when I was 13 I think and suck pretty bad, so read them if you're curious but I just can't believe I wrote that crap. And it just occurred to me that I used to write a LOT about angels. Like even this thing I wrote in sixth grade was about something like 'angeline the angel' or something...but I've found more stuff to write about thank goodness.

I'm also kuramaandhiei4ever on (though that is from my anime obsessive phase and all fangirl stuff - most of the good stuff I had on there was deleted though) and I have some stories (and poetry collections) on there.

Quick stuff about me (because you're still reading so either you're extremely bored wait, that's the only option):

Likes: flowers (roses!), reading (a lot), painting, drawing, writing (OF COURSE!), taking and looking at photos, decorating, Spain (half Spanish here folks), North Carolina (even though I complained when I was there), Jersey Gardens Mall (yeaaah), Seventeen Magazine (I can be girly if I want to), Harry Potter, and more stuff that I don't really know right now.

Dislikes: people who can't admit they're wrong, idiots, most animals, vegetarians/vegans, answering the phone/door/etc., hugging people, saying goodbye, writing stuff on calendars, due dates, projects, etc.

My sites:


Just know that I don't add people I don't know personally.

So, I hope you enjoy my work, I love writing it :)


The Will (I am NOT a short story writer, I must've been very bored when I wrote that and maybe someday I'll redo it or pick it up but this story with these characters are retired)

The Angels' Pleas (this might've been an excuse for me to prove I know that apostrophe goes AFTER the s if it's more than one which I didn't understand in second the poems are pretty odd)

Shadows of Your Soul (I think I have a fanfiction on with this name too that I started just because I like the sound of the title. This one was good for a while, but I don't really like this style I used to write in)

Insane? (this is just a single poem and otherwise had no plans for continuation or development)


I've decided to bunch together the poems that I have that relate to the same thoughts and feelings. There's one that's about self-destruction and suicide because they go neatly hand in hand. There's another that is about self-image/body-image and those times when you feel not good enough. There's going to be one about being violated. AND There will be more!


that a LOT of the stuff I write does not come from my own personal experience but my experience being a human being and most importantly a write with empathy towards others feelings and I feel almost like an outlet for an entire group of people in my writing. Some stuff may come from my own experiences but as a writer I'm a little reluctant to try and make one piece seem more or less real than the next.

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