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Hilfe Mich

Stories in Progress/Ideas (the ones that I feel like actually typing up):

Miscellaneous (in no significant order)
Refrain: Lost Cause (One)- The year is 2012, 1/3 of the human population of Earth was wiped out be a Necromancer's spell; Enter Wolfen (Wolf), a young priest from Rome, currently residing in America, alongside his "sister" Drear- the mute assassin, and January- a Fallen Angel. Together they attempt to destroy the necromancer Gabriel Faust (IX), once and for all. But why is he seemingly uninterested in anyone but the fallen and the assassin? And what is his connection to Wolfen that causes everyone but those who know him, to fear him? -Supernatural- Based off of the chorus of the BNL's song "Falling for the first time": T

The Refrain: Life is Death (Two) - 20 years ago, the most infamous names were Faust and Juelles - one a demon, the other a supposedly ruthless bounty hunter. What happens when one of the two most common names in the black market happens to be a girl who would much rather spend her days wrapped around a good book rather than stealing random items from people to give to the highest bidder, and the other happens to care less about the world around him and simply wants to be normal? All hell breaks loose. -Supernatural- Just a small story that I thought up while making up the plot for the Refrain 1: M

Ice Maidens and Pyromaniacs: (title subject to change) "Its a job which only has revenge and satisfaction as rewards." Thats what she was told. What they forgot to mention was the fact that he would be there. The devil; the demon;her worst nightmare; her best friend;her worst enemy; the key to break the ice surroundingher heart. -Supernatural or fantasy- another dream I had, like with Trials of Fortuity : E

Upon the Winds of Change: My name is Lunae Yunus, I'm 21 years old, a secretary to the CEO of a multibillion dollar company known as "Jonelle", and one of the 4 remaining members of the mercenary group known as MERCY. I live a pretty normal life, if you consider the fact that I'm a female crossdresser, and 5 people from an alternate dimension suddenly appear on my doorstep claiming to know the leader of MERCY. Now throw in an insane scientist who has been my mother-figure for the past 12 years, a cat-loving pervert who is my best friend and surrogate brother and a really cranky coffee machine and you get my life.- A concoction of my sick a twisted mind and the song You'll be in my Heart by Phil Collins. Supernatural/Romance/Humor : T In draft form

Cocktail- Just the usual grouping of supernatural beings. Contains Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen-ai and Shoujo-ai. Lotsa stuff young children should not read. Serious sex-drive problems and sexuality confusion. Enjoy!- First co-written fanfic. Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy : M

Hoy Te Amo - And today I Love you- A demon god of light staked his claim 2,000 years ago to the goddess of darkness, only to have the god of wind, her creator, destroy her in a fit of madness. He's searched for her reincarnation for 2 millenia, and finally found her. Only 2 problems, she doesnt remember any of it, and her over-protective grandfather wont let him near her. -One of my older ideas, Fantasy/Supernatural/Romance : T -in draft form

The Price of a Persian Rug- (Title subject to change) What do a prostitute, an assassin, two scheming twins and a bodyguard have in common? Absolutely nothing, except of course, for the syndicate.Three trying to escape,one wishing for revenge and one just wanting to go back to the past. 5 people brought together by one of the heads of the criminal underworld, this is their story. -Just an idea I got from a movie called "Russia's bitch-wars" enough said. Currently in comic form, I'll type it eventually, Drama/Angst/Romance : M - in comic form

Instant Chinese Takeout- (prequel to The Price of a Persian rug): I loved him, and he loved me..or so I thought. We were best friends till the end- the three musketeers, then he goes and kills my brother. I remained loyal, but his heart had changed, I didnt stop him when he pointed the gun at so many others, then when he pointed it at me, there was no one left to stop him. Drama/Action-Adventure/Angst : M

The Race - Revisted- Its been 5 years, you'd think things changed, and they have, just not for the better. Now they're running, they've forgotten why, they have no memories of their past, but some how, everywhere they go, people seem to...disappear. -Continuation of the ToF series, Action/Adventure/Drama : K - in brainstorm form

Anything But Ordinary-Its the start of a new school year, teachers are trying to memorize facts before the students do, the girl's uniform skirts are getting shorter, enter the self-defense teacher and the 'bondage queen of jr. high' When the two most well-known personalities meet and clash, who will be on top? Or will they decide to meet half-way? - Co-written with Kirby, Drama/Humor/Romance: T

Blinded- (Title subject to change) -Based off of the "True" ad, "Love is blind, People arent", my own personal version. A girl blinded from an accident, a boy punished for a crime, both helping each other out, neither seeing the others face. My thoughts of the possibilities. - Humor : T for language.

Element- A lot can happen in 200 years. Humanity's technological abilities now reign supreme over nature, the elements and the time-space continuum. Now they've breached the barriers to other dimensions and have decided to claim each new one for their own, but what to the members of those other worlds have to say? - Currently in RP form. Drama/Romance/Angst/Pointless Violence : M

Suface Tension- It was supposed to be just a normal vacation until 2 children show up and become adults in less than 10 seconds. Now I'm running from a devil with a knight-in-training who cant even hold a sword correctly, but maybe..normalacy is over-rated. -Yet another dream. - Humor/Fantasy : E

Below Celsius- It started out so simple - get up, wash, brush, dress, eat, then go on search for my sister, come home, eat, go to bed. Then the times changed and I had to go to school. It sucks to be stuck at sixteen. I found people to pretend to be my parents..found a group of others like me to pose as family...but now I'm forgetting why I stayed this way...and now he shows up...When did revenge become so complicated? -RP - Tragedy/Humor/Supernatural

Hellbound- When a soon to be teacher rescues a child vampire from drowning her perfect, orderly and ordinary life is thrown into chaos, with pet dragons, obsessive demon guardians, and a vampire calling her "momma" what does a girl have to do to get some peace? - Humor/Supernatural/Romance

Stone's Embrace, Marble's Tears - Been playin around with this idea for years, since my fanfiction days: 2 lovers forced in to opposing factions, now forever frozen in stone, a lone vampire may be able to break their curse, but what are two mythical figures from the days of the vikings to do in current-day society? Wreak havoc and attack garbage disposals of course!!

Child's Play- Summery coming whenever I feel like it.

Nothing is as it Seems- Summery coming whenever I feel like it.

Royal Affairs- Royalty is supposed to be glamorous, respectable, noble and pure...but one king is hellbent on making sure his reign is 'memorable' to say the least. -First chapter written but awaiting rewrite - Romance/Drama - M

Echoes of Madness- I can hear them- all around...all the time. People say I'm crazy- you'd be too if you heard what I hear. People say that I should be locked up- but I already am- trapped within my body, unable to be free, unable to block them out. And he's here, making it all worse- mocking me, knowingfull well what I'm going through -awaiting to be transferred from paper to data - Supernatural/Horror? - T

Apartment 13 Series:
Apt. 13 Book 1: Song of a Siren
Apt. 13 Book 2: Phantom of the Past
Apt. 13 Book 3: ShATtErEd ReAlItIeS
Apt. 13 Book 4: The History of Adelaide
Apt. 13 Book 5: Astral Bindings

The Kaledoscope Triliogy-
Book 1: The Twilight Hollow
Book 2: The Kaleidoscope Tragedy
Book 3: The Truth Behind the Myth

SB Saga:
Diagnosis: Psychosis
Legacy of Nocturne

Favorite Story Genres: Supernatural; Fantasy; (Dark) Romance; Humor; Action/Adventure

Current Blurb:
"I took a dump in your tuba? ...OH YOU SAID 'SIT' in with the band! I'm sorry!!" - Robin Williams Stand-Up

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